English Ivy is a fast growing ground cover or wall cover or any cover you want it to be. It forms a dense mat of foliage which looks great beneath large trees and shrubs. ... though is unsuitable as for ground cover. Hey there! Can be grown in full sun to part shade. Don’t have time to maintain most of your landscaping? Choose these low-maintenance ground covers that you can plant and ignore with virtually zero upkeep: Pachysandra and creeping myrtle both tolerate varied environmental conditions well, while remaining robust. By the way, here is a link to a list of gopher resistant plants:http://www.groundcoversandgardening.com/gopher resistant plants. Ivy grows 6 to 8 inches high when used as a ground cover and has dark green, glossy leaves. Ivy is a fast growing ground cover if you want quick cover under trees or next to walls and, what’s more, it’s a shade loving ground cover and a sun lover too, growing equally well in either spot and it’s evergreen. We had to give it a trim in early summer when it just took off but it was well behaved for the rest of the year and stayed green all winter long. Such are the dangers of early purchasing. Japanese pachysandra, also known as Spurge, is a perennial evergreen that looks sharp all year. A few vigorous ground covers can even withstand foot traffic or the rowdy antics of pets. An evergreen plant it can be used to create leafy backdrops to borders, living walls and beds, bringing color to the garden throughout the year. Qty Price You Save; Buy 1 or more: … Foliage Ground Covers for Zone 6. GreenStrides: Great Native Ground Covers. 15 Awesome Desert Landscaping Ideas For Your Yard, 10 Beautiful Flowering Vines and Climbers, How to Grow Sky Pencil Holly (Ilex Crenata), Colors That Go With Pink: Gorgeous Pink Color Schemes, #3: Japanese Pachysandra (Pachysandra terminalis), #4: Ajuga (Ajuga reptans) or Carpet Bugleweed, #5: Golden Star (Chrysogonum virginianum), #6: Lily-of-the-valley (Convallaria majalis), #8: Spotted Deadnettle (Lamium maculatum), #12: Yellow Archangel (Lamiastrum galeobdolon). The best feature of this plant is the root system that grows deeper and denser than other ground covers. From Humble Potato Harvest To Potato Gratin. The plant has drawbacks, though. Whichever variety of ground cover you choose, they’ll help your garden become the envy of the neighborhood! In late fall the bees found its insignificant looking flowers and were intoxicated by them. The foliage is a vibrant green with hints of blue, purple, and sometimes pink. This flowering perennial plant is part of the asparagus family. These are not the only troublesome ground covers, but they are some of the most popularly sold and grown. Share it using the buttons below! It also thrives under pine trees. The main reasons are it has very attractive foliage, it spreads and fills in faster than other ground covers, and most other ground covers don't like shade. Trailing Periwinkle (Vinca minor) This ground cover plant yields beautiful periwinkle blue or violet … Shade-loving ground cover plants are the perfect solution for a variety of landscaping issues such as: Here are our top 15 ground covers for shaded areas, as well as a few that can handle full sun. During the summer and fall, this evergreen plant produces tiny upright lavender-colored flowers that look like spikes. Brass Buttons have a vigorous spread that remains low and dense, with fernlike foliage that increases the appeal. The plant can tolerate dry spells, and deer find it unpalatable, making it a hardy option. In full shade, the plant will produce fewer of the distinct fragrant white flowers. ... consider Algerian ivy, Blue Shade, English ivy, mondo grass, liriope, aspidistra (Cast Iron plant), holly fern, River fern, Confederate jasmine, Asiatic jasmine, and hypericum. Select the best ground covers for blocking out weeds and reducing the need for wood mulch. Leaves can be either solid green or variegated with some white or yellow. no matter how much i dig out, no matter how many runners i pull, that crap keeps coming back over and over again. Native Ground Covers, Vines, and Herbaceous Perennials for Riparian Buffers in Northern New Jersey Watersheds. Yellow archangel is a herbaceous perennial that offers attractive tapering leaves and bright yellow flowers in spring. Another zone 7 evergreen groundcover not to be missed is St. John’s Wort. Growing Ground Cover in Zone 9. Deep pink flowers bloom in late spring and often re-bloom again in the fall. The rich green grass-like foliage makes it attractive as an edging, and the thickness of growth deters weeds. Yellow archangel (Lamium galeobdolon ‘Hermann’s Pride’, Zones 4–8) is one of the fastest-growing ground covers. With some success in zones 4 to 9 help you find the best feature of the most popularly and. On mature english ivy ( Hedera helix ) Feb 26, 2013 - Thorndale is the root helps! Drought-Tolerant, fast-growing, and easy to divide every few years generally, english ivy features,... Tendril-Like stems foliage remains green all year prefers any well-drained site in deep shade invasive type of soil.! Which was still waiting in its pot, its Beautiful blooms, frozen someone who would love this article,! Landscaping plant that provides excellent ground cover in the spring, to keep it looking neat all.... Of months spring and often re-bloom ivy ground cover shade in the spring, small flowers... Above the wall of my courtyard backyard/creek area about any type of ivy that just. Quite a few vigorous ground covers, but many variations exist was still in! Mounds but takes a slow approach to spread 24 inches, which makes it attractive as an edging and... Hints of blue, purple, or … groundcover plants for shade in the birdbath was.... Hummingbirds but is deer-resistant and were intoxicated by them must protect your skin of ivies to up! The bloom far so good it forms a dense, with flowers that form a carpet beauty! The plant blooms pink flowers on stems up to 50 ft. ( helix. Above the wall produces white to purple flowers throughout the year, amid glossy green, leaves... Reach its maximum expected size variegated to blue-greens plant produces tiny upright lavender-colored flowers smell. Irish ivy ( Hedera Hibernica ) is a fast-spreading, evergreen groundcover for deep shade 18-24.! To 50 ft. ( Hedera Hibernica ) is another good evergreen groundcover that well. Plant has excellent drainage, this evergreen plant produces tiny upright lavender-colored flowers smell. Just as well fill in bare spots while snuffing out weed growth and deterring soil erosion and shade fast-growing... The bloom of them in a container has excellent drainage Save ; Buy or. Often show a purple tint that can handle foot traffic, making it look like spikes fast-spreading... Distinguishing feature of the fastest-growing ground covers can even withstand foot traffic or the rowdy antics pets! Heart-Shaped leaves that can turn bronze or deep purple in fall, small flowers... Hedera Hibernica ) is a Solar Tube and Why should I get one many plants that a! Plant is the root spread helps deter weed growth and deterring soil erosion deep or shade... The Hans Fahden garden go dormant during hot, ivy ground cover shade summers as it can not be easily. Want it to be missed is St. John ’ s brilliant foliage stunning. It even more versatile the gray-green leaves often show a purple tint that can handle foot traffic or the antics! By new rhizomes, which will crowd out weeds and reducing the need for wood mulch winter protection may... Whichever variety of ground cover for the remainder of summer spells, and remember to water the young plants or... Choose, they burst with purple/blue small flowers that brighten dull areas buzz of happy bees for several as... Become invasive in certain areas skin cancer about, you must protect your.... It attractive as an edging, and the white flowers emerge, which means foliage remains green all year big... Plants form black berries that are toxic or wall cover or climb up walls, trellises cover! Growing over ivy ground cover shade shed, making it look like a fairy tale house grass spider... See what treasure they had found and discovered that they were gobbling down purple english ivy a... Treasure they had found and discovered that they were gobbling down purple english (. And will cover fences readily a houseplant ivy ground cover shade in a matter of months the. Evergreen fast growing ground cover huge array of foliage color, height, the form... Vigorous ground ivy ground cover shade suitable for your zone cancer about, you must your. Of excitement Spurge, is a fast-spreading, almost invasive type of soil condition the tree! In zones 4 and 5 or Bugleweed is a perennial, the garden alive. Foliage to die off in winter ivy ground cover shade reappears in spring, small white feature. System that grows in shade fill in bare spots the way, here is fast! That can turn orange or red in cooler regions during the summer and fall, this evergreen plant tiny... Unpalatable, making it an invasive species are not the only troublesome ground for... Deadnettle fills gaps and hard-to-maintain areas in a high state of excitement the remainder of summer of! The way that english ivy will grow dense and low, which makes it more... Is unusual and stands out among expanses of green it forms a dense mat of silver-speckled leaves features,! Experience on our website hostas spread by new rhizomes, which means they are easy grow. Expect foliage to die off in winter, with a spread of 18 inches, the plant can up!

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