Jay and Leah Netflix Sadly, things appear to have gone slightly awry for Jay and Leah, the personal trainer and model who moved in together after just 100 days, since appearing on Instant Hotel . But it wasn’t an enjoyable experience. The series follows homeowners who have transformed their homes into hotels and are individually judged by each other to receive the highest scores with the winner to win an ultimate prize. That’s the basis of Australian TV series Instant Hotel, which launched season 2 on Netflix on June 28th 2019. Just a few dabbled here and there in 2018 and the rest are all more current promoting the show. Basically a Public account to showcase what I do. Which takes us to the here and now. Personal trainer Jay, 31, and his model girlfriend, Leah, 28, are both looking to build new careers as hotel owners, starting with their cosy beach shack.“We started our Instant Hotel to future-proof our life. Instant Hotel’s season-one host, Luke Jacobz, was replaced with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, whose jackets alone had enough energy to power a small city. Instant Hotel Series 2: Everything The Netflix Show Doesn't Tell You About The Contestants ... Leah appeared on Australia’s Next Top Model in 2009. 19. Four homeowners put their heart and souls into transforming their houses into hotels all in a bid to bag the title of ‘Austalia’s best instant hotel’. Instant Hotel: Meet Jay and Leah! 1.6K likes. Leah Johnsen. Posted by 1 year ago. Instant Hotel is an Australian reality television series which began airing on the Seven Network on 7 November 2017. Instant Hotel Shay's heartache: 'My fiance died' Instant Hotel star Bondi tells: I’ve lost 23 kilos {headline} Dancing with the Stars All Stars: Who we want to return! We’re going to need something after PT, music and modelling,” explains Jay. It seems unrealistic that a couple would be together less than a year and invest in an instant hotel together. Llewelyn-Bowen is a … Archived. Public account. https://www.distractify.com/p/instant-hotel-season-2-contestants https://screenrant.com/instant-hotels-all-season-one-two-ranked A ballsy move for some, but Leah’s career is not taking a back step – currently starring in television series Instant Hotel and named the Mornington Stakes Cup Ambassador for 2019. Jay and Leah breakup? And her insta has hardly any pictures of/with him. Close.