With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 147 delivers exceptional stability, as well as rugged durability. The "oil canning” is very, very minimal. I took my girlfriend out in it (not an outdoors person) and she had no problem with it and in fact she really enjoyed it. I finally bought the Old Town Guide 147 yesterday and took it on its maiden voyage today at Fort Phantom Lake just outside of Abilene, Texas. She ain't fast, but that's not the purpose of this canoe. It seems heavier than 70 pounds, but once you get the feel for it, car-topping with it is doable. Limited Stock! A couple of years ago I was doing a lot of tinkering with our canoes in the search for the perfect solo canoe, thinking I could perhaps create one. I purchased a Loon 138 kayak to fish solo and am completely satisfied. Once with another person, combined weight 500 lbs, and solo the next. Its sharp entry, makes the Guide … It was quite slow. With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 147 delivers exceptional stability, as well as rugged durability. Comes in 3 Colors ... Our first Old Town canoe was built in Old Town, Maine, along the Penobscot River. Great boat, great price, great buy. Stable in moving water and responsive. Comes in 3 Colors. Great for families and introducing kids to canoes. I am totally new to canoeing and will give an update after our maiden voyage. I've had my Guide out for 3 lake trips now and am very satisfied with it! It handled wonderfully. These canoes are built heavier but that's to my advantage. In stock. Old Town Guide 147 Canoe - The Guide is one of the most stable canoes on the market today. It could be. Went to the sportsman's store and checked out everything they had in stock & still went to the 147. Old Town is the world's oldest, largest and most revered manufacturer of canoes and kayaks. We took it on a 4 day camping trip through the St. Regis area in NY. I bought mine used so the price was right. Ships Truck. Guide 147. that one for 10 years, and am very pleased with this one. I love this boat!! The canoe was wonderful to travel with, stable, turned well, but wasn't the best at tracking and was easily propelled (even with all the gear and a second, lazy person:). Quantity. It carried two large people with gear for 3 days in Okefenokee with no problem. Seriously. I purchased a removable third seat for it and have had a 3rd teenage boy in it with us. Called the store and guy said they have been having problems with their canoes from their distribution center. She's also very novice when it comes to paddling and again, this isn't a limitation of the craft, but of the size. but not unreasonable. View online or download Old town canoe co. Guide 147 Owner's Manual Compare. With a kneeling thwart and some airbags this boat became a whole different kind of monster, amazing control in swift water for a traditional canoe and the increased stability made into a really fun ride. Everyone was portaging around the falls, after packing most of the equipment to the lower end of the falls, I look and my partner and say "we can run this" and we did. Many complain on the difficulty of, Reviewed in the United States on June 26, 2015. Old Town's Guide canoes represent a breakthrough in canoe construction, using a special adaptation of our patented PolyLink3™ process that provides a durable and stiff canoe at an affordable price. I don't know what else I can say. Seems like a decent model if you want to avoid aluminum. Lesson: Give your canoe a really good looking over before buying. Great value, really. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. I used my gear at as ballast and it went fine. It got windy on the lake and it became a bear to handle, though. Browse Altadena property records and Altadena, CA public records. Very nice canoe. The shape and and position of the molded seats makes a two man shoulder carry awkward, which my brother and I felt ruled out the kind of wilderness portage that involves a couple miles and poor trails or outright bushwhacking. If you're looking for a great canoe for hunting, fishing, or just a fun family day on the water you should definitely consider the Old Town Guide 147. Nothing has come close to puncturing the hull. The Guide was perfect! I bought it used for $350 and would do so again. Love it. And its sharp entry provides a surprisingly efficient paddling canoe… I didn't use the seatbacks as I tend to use larger muscle groups for get-up-and-go & the backs would get in the way. For fishing this has proven to be a wonderful boat. The soft hull is great in the summer, feels fine on bare feet. The center bulges up from the force of the water. Highly recommended for fishing and general recreation. Used this model for a five day canoe trip, that includes a 1.5 mile portage. The lake is mostly flooded timber with great coves that can keep you out of the wind, but there are a few places where you have to paddle the open water. And not near as heavy as I expected from the reviews here once I practiced proper ways to lift the boat. I have portaged my canoe with no problem. Very hard to find.Contoured bow and stern seatsAsh yokeBlack vinyl gunwalesCarrying handlesDurable three … Since the price is low I could replace it when the bottom goes. come on Class I's and II's. Great for a beginner.I was able to go anywhere I wanted in this. Comfortable contoured plastic seats, good back support. Mrs. Mantis and I have taken this thing down class II rapids, hit very large boulders and managed to stay afloat. Tough boat, not pretty in the classic style, but tough. It is a bit heavy (74 lbs) for my wife to handle so loading it is a bit of a hassle, she is rather petite for this sort of thing. Hauling it anywhere with two people just makes it all that much easier. I'm impressed! Our last trip we took it down 55 miles of rather shallow river, with 3 people in it, along with all of our gear (Tent, food, water, sleeping bags, cookware, etc) and it handled like a trooper! I've taken it out twice now. I just took my Guide 147 out on it's maiden voyage today. It seems to handle very good with minimal (if any) oil canning. The best recreational canoe on the market; especially for the price. Very pleased and a great durable canoe capable of being abused within reason. With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 147 … I have tried to fish from this canoe solo with little success. $1,049.99 . Discovery 147 Description The Discovery 147 is a canoe brought to you by Old Town Canoe and Kayak. Compare Now. Like most, I looked through these reviews quite a bit and then made my purchase. Affordable and fun, the Old Town Guide 147 Canoe is just the boat you need to finally explore that picturesque waterway you've recently noticed—gear up and explore! My wife's words at that moment: "I'm not getting in that thing and neither is the dog"! Almost felt like we were on a cruise ship. There was a light breeze, but the bow seemed low enough that the wind had little effect. Compared to many other canoes I've been in, this was a pleasure. By then I plan to be 75 pounds lighter and j stroking like crazy. That being said, I'm not happy with the stability of it. It is a bit heavy as others have mentioned, but with my son and I carrying it loaded with our gear it really isn't too much trouble. Old Town Guide 147 Canoe * 14ft * 3-Layer Polyethylene Hull - $500 (Martinsburg WV) Description from Old Town site:"Old Town's Guide 147 Canoe is the perfect two-person vessel for your next adventure … NO canoe does everything perfect, but i say for 70% of your canoers out there this is a great fit. It makes fishing and soloing just perfect because the canoe isn't that long. I'm a bit curious as to if they recently redesigned it a bit, as the one I picked up is not as flat-bottomed as previous ones that I look over every time I am in the store... but I digress. Old Town is a pretty durable manufacturer in my experiences with them in the past. $300. If you spend a lot of time portaging, or paddling with those in sleeker boats, you will desire to graduate to something higher end. Old Town Guide 147 Canoe SKU# 1375676. As far as durability goes, the Old towns tend to "can out" or the hull loses its integrity being a flat bottom canoe. With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 147 delivers exceptional stability, as well as rugged durability. The canoe measures in at 14'7" from bow to stern, 38" wide & 13" deep. The one negative thing that I'll offer is that it is on the heavy side and most certainly requires two capable people when affixing it to the roof of your vehicle. Made from Three Layer Polyethlyene, which includes a stiff foam core, ensures near unsinkable performance. But it was a little difficult to paddle due to the width and very difficult to turn from this position. Have used it mostly on lakes, a little on the heavy side (74 lbs.) I have paddled an older version, so the rating is based on that (though I believe the newer ones have improvements, such as the seats, and may deserve a higher rating). Looking forward to many, many more canoe trips in my secondhand Guide. I wouldn't want to go on a long portage without pads though, and mosquitoes seem to revel in the shade provided by the canoe. Having grown up with a virtually indestructible Coleman with a keel this is quite a change, but I take it as a challenge to learn good technique and hopefully pass along a love for canoeing that my parents instilled in me. It's a good value. Getting it on the car is hard, but not all that bad; it's the getting it out of the water where gravity really exerts itself. My very first canoe was a 2001 Old Town Guide 147. It also has 2 carry handles that are incorporated into the bow and stern decks. I hate to say I weigh 330 pounds. As long as you don't act crazy while doing it...standing to fish is no problem...I've also had to stand a time or two to retrieve my favorite lure from a low hanging tree branch lol. I am an avid canoeist and operated over 20 different model canoe's over the past 15 years, anywhere from nice sleek plastic canoe's to the old honkin giant bent to crap aluminum boats. Now all I need to do is find a buyer for my Bell Merlin II. So, I have a dilemma. The canoe was wonderful to paddle with two people, very stable, and responded nicely to paddle. Sit comfortably on the contoured bow and stern seats, which include adjustable backrests for added support. I should mention that soloing for me means using a kayak paddle and sitting toward the middle of the boat. I liked it enough to sell it to a friend who wanted a canoe that his kids could use and abuse and not destroy but not enough to recommend it for much beyond that. Do recommend getting some sort of padded canoe seat with adjustable back at dicks or old town if your going to be spending a lot of time in the seat. If your looking for a family canoe or a two person sportsmans canoe, I'd say this was good choice. I was out this afternoon with my wife, 3.5 year old and 1.5 year old on a medium sized pond with some wind. Stable enough for fishing or nature watching, yet versatile enough for family outings - all at an affordable price! You get used to it after a few minutes, and we never felt unsafe. The canoe has 2 With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 147 … She's only 5'3" so that is significant. It was just wide enough to slide off the curved end of the rack which totally freaked out my wife a few times on the highway. There was a problem completing your request. Hi guys, I picked up A Old Town Discovery 119 Canoe and thought I would show exactly how much space a dog has in it. I've owned the Old Town Guide for a few weeks now and have been very impressed with it. Its a bit o the heavy side at 33kg but I can load it onto my van roof single handed and it's easier to carry solo by using the yoke but not for big distances. I have owned my Guide 147 for roughly ten years now. One of the few issues we had were the hard plastic seats, which wore out ones rump during a long day of paddling or fishing. One is wooden and one is plastic but they are completely different canoes. I'm 245lbs + trolling motor & some gear in the back,with my wife @ 140lbs + the 50 lb battery behind the front seat and the canoe handled very choppy wakes from speedboats. Lifetime hull warranty. We've done shallow, 6" slow rivers with no problem. One person In the water, this canoes is very stable and easy to enter and exit without going for an inadvertent swim. Boat was only loaded with 375# including gear, evenly balanced along the length. The price won't break your wallet and the stability will keep your gear and you dry. The boat did turn on a dime and was easy enough to load by one person. I installed a webbed seat from Old Town in place of the middle thwart for solo paddling. After a great deal of research we found that the Old Town Guide 147 seemed to be what we needed for the price we could afford. I have to say I have no regrets whatsoever on my purchase. Taking it down Lusk Creek in southern Illinois this weekend. This is a good solid and stable canoe. Overall I would recommend this to any family that wants to have affordable fun and have a durable canoe that can endure mistakes. I loaded the canoe on a headache rack and hitch pole by myself. I am new to the canoing world and was lured to this canoe based on reviews I read on this site and others. Also, yes, it does oilcan. Delivery was on schedule . $479.99. I dump this one almost every time I go out. I have a 2012 Old Town Guide 147 i purchased to teach my young children about paddling and the wonders of human propulsion. A good seat pad can alleviate this and provide some extra comfort. $999.99. 80% of the outings will involve fishing. Without the keel, and with an apparently more rounded profile, a modified J-stroke/Canadian stroke kept it in line just fine. One problem is the seats are situated high and the front paddler has no leg room and the rear paddler when solo causes the bow to lift. Best Western Mission Bay: Dirty & loud - See 793 traveler reviews, 123 candid photos, and great deals for Best Western Mission Bay at Tripadvisor. After bouncing off of rocks and down rapids, only very minor scratches on the bottom. I chose this canoe, over a kayak, because my girlfriend at the time wanted to go fishing with me, so I needed a two seater. This was my first canoe and not one of my better decisions. My friend loaned me his to demo before I made a purchase. Its not a speed demon, but I am not in a hurry and not concerned about covering alot of miles in a day. Downsides are 1) reduced legroom in bow, but that is really not a problem unless the person was fairly large; 2) it is a little heavy to cartop or portage, but hey, did you look at the price? We just purchased one from Academy and took it for its maiden voyage on a local lake. Old Town Guide 147 Canoe * 14ft * 3-Layer Polyethylene Hull - $500 (Martinsburg WV) Description from Old Town site:"Old Town's Guide 147 Canoe is the perfect two-person vessel for your next adventure on the open water. That being said it's a great fit on a Yakima rack system. I own a Guide 147. This one may not be as forgiving on poor stroking form, but overall outperformed my previous canoes. Quantity. Our canoe has seats with backs. I don't think you could destroy it with a bulldozer. To say that I am pleased with it would be an understatement. The only reason I gave the boat a 9 is because it is very heavy at 74 pounds. Very pleased! With child #2 on the way, in a few years we will definitely be looking at the Clipper Ranger again for the larger size. I'm putting together a spring canoe trip as we speak. I live close enough to the water where I easily transport the 147 via canoe cart without issue, but the cart is mandatory due to the weight of the boat. I've hit trees, rocks, other boats, rocks and some rocks and never has it even begun to show any signs of stress. So I finally got to the point where I could buy one and I recognized that Old Town was a good name when it came to canoes. With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 147 delivers exceptional stability, as well as rugged durability. Our popular Guide 147 represents a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. It’s stabilized by ash center carrying the yoke and durable black vinyl gunwales. SKU# 1375676. Before I get too far into it, I primarily fish & do day trips when canoeing. I took my kids out on one our local lakes yesterday. The carrying handles, seats, and the yolk were very sturdy and securely fastened to the rest of the canoe. Old Town told me that it does not affect the performance of the canoe. I purchased the Old Town Guide 147 at Dunhams Sports for recreational use and fishing on local lakes in PA. It is pretty tough to handle in the wind no matter how you sit or how many people you have in the canoe, but I think that's a problem with any canoe. I do not see where stability is a big issue and it maneuvers nicely with the proper strokes. I have to kneel amidships to turn it into the wind. Our Old Towns even fell off our trailer one time and dragged on the road. This one cuts the water a bit better on flat water, but this Guide is a lot more stable. I have owned several different canoes and used them in many different water conditions. Difficult to steer. 3 foot swells, down class 4.5 water. I wouldn't say it felt tippy, but it rocked very easily for the first 15min that I was on the water. Add to Cart. Trooper as she is isn't complaining, but I see her cramped up there. I'm not one of those burly dudes whose reviews talk about how easy it is to hoist this boat. I didn't get complaints about the front seat, but the back seat put some soreness in the backside after a couple of hours (not too bad though). There is a little oil caning towards the middle but I compensated by drinking more beer. I'm talking about a 40" long by 2" high bulge the width of the canoe. Purchased for $350 on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods in December 2006, I can't say anything bad about the canoe. It handled all the water great! I just purchased a new Guide last weekend and took it out that Sunday. First time was a 4 hour trip down a slow river, and the second time was fishing in the sound where it handled boat chop pretty well (from the front and side). This comment is coming from a guy who got hooked on pizza and not enough outdoors. There was a little wobble the first step into the boat, but I am tall and probably didn't bend low enough stepping in. 0 in stock Add to cart The Guide 147 represents a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. Great stability. At 72 pounds, it's quite a handfull by yourself. Turning the canoe was very simple at higher speeds but at slow speeds or just drifting along it was rather difficult to change the direction of the boat. I find myself not even using the seat but instead sitting on the back when paddling. Just something shaped like a canoe that Dick's can sell to make a buck. Did 7 miles down the upper Allegheny River in Warren and Forest Counties, PA. Canoe did well and was very very stable. When on the water the bottom of the canoe would bulge upward unless there was a load or a brace between the bottom and the thwart making it much heavier to paddle. Select another item to compare. I paddled this canoe in a lake with severe wind gusts. I love this canoe and I think that everyone should at least try one before to buy one. It's a great little recreational canoe, yes it's heavy. Old Town also makes a Guide 119 which I would love to try out, but I have never seen one locally. And its sharp entry provides a surprisingly efficient paddling canoe… The kids like to play with it in the lake because it doesn't tip over, but it still feels tippy. I call it the tank. I bounced it off all kinds of things I would avoid with my own hand built strip and glass canoe. Especially if your going to load it on top of an SUV. A few over nighters and one upper Suwannee River trip. The popular Guide 147 represents a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. It WILL hold a pile of camping gear and IS quite stable. Much better than the aluminum canoes I grew up with. I have a Pathfinder and it can be quite a pain to mount it the roof when solo, but once you figure out a system for doing this, it's not so bad. The Old Town Guide 147, Mad River Explorer 14TT and the Wenonah Prospector 15 have been the models I have had my eyes on. The old town guide 147 represents an innovative design and unique construction of tri-layer roto-molded polyethylene. I also have all the control I need from that position. I am a science teacher in Port Townsend, Washington and this year we are doing Marine Biology right out on Puget Sound. Minor point, I did find the black gunwale to get hot to handle in the bright sunshine and the rivets as well. Old Town Canoe Discovery 133 Canoe. And its sharp entry provides a surprisingl This is my second canoe and I preferred the first one which was a 17 foot aluminum with a keel. You do feel the low initial stability, but you get the confidence in its final stability and it's not a problem. No issues on tipping. I've read reviews where people have found it "tippy", but I don't find that to be the case at all. Also on a windy day the boat acts as a sail to a crosswind. ROCKPORT GUIDE 147 GUIDE 160 LENGTH: 13’ 10” / 4.2 m 14’ 7” / 4.4 m 16’ / 4.9 m WIDTH: 42” / 106.7 cm 38” / 96.5 cm 39.5” / 100.3 cm WIDTH AT 4” WATERLINE: 42” / 106.7 cm 36” / 91.4 cm 37” / 94 cm BOW HEIGHT: 18” / 45.7 cm 19” / 48 cm 19” / 48 cm DEPTH: 14.5” / 36.8 cm 13” / 33 cm 13.5” / 34.2 cm Personally I have no complaints whatsoever about the speed. Comes in 3 Colors ... Our first Old Town canoe was built in Old Town, Maine, along the … Have had our Old Towne Guide 147 for about 3 years now. Canoes aren't meant to be pontoon boats. I would give this canoe an overall 10 except for the few issues I have had as a beginner paddler. We go out on lakes a couple times a week, and it always treats us well. At one time we were actually quite scared, but the canoe still didn't flip. Soon enough, you and it will become good friends knowing how to respond to the ever changing water. And its fast enough. Also the poly link 3 hull is as close to indestructible as you can get. Landing was easy, because this canoe handles well. Initial stability is fine, secondary stability is very nice. My 15 year old daughter has no problems portaging the canoe. He did not, so I am bringing it to yours. Being 6'2" 290 and unable to kneel with a bum knee canoes def can get tippy on me, but the secondary stability on this is very good. Well, as far as being unstable I haven't found it to be so. Remember how I said I hit so many rocks? Canoes We have rented canoes for years and you get what you pay for. I plan to add 2 drop in seats and there will still be plenty of space for all, and the 900 lb wt limit is more than adequate. I have the back rests. A little practice goes along way. However, the Coleman and Discovery Sport 17 however are no longer around. My biggest complaint about the boat was its overall stability. It's very easy to control, and very quick in the water. It's a great canoe and not to bad to sleep in. I have taken the liberty of installing rear and forward thwarts for stability and for gear protection. Only drawback for me 80lbs. The boat was also very tough, made from polyethylene. Definitely recommend it. The boat was thin in the bow and it was warped in the stern they say it was a number 1 it was junk they would not take back dont buy from old town find another company. Even used it with a trolling motor and it fairly moves along. I have the formed plastic seats that aren't exactly comfortable when you sit on them backwards. The canoe's unique cross-section and stabilizing chines deliver exceptional stability and durability, making the canoe easy to maneuver in different conditions. I find it takes very little effort to keep it going at a good clip, yet it's easy to correct and responsive when you need to steer it. It is a bit heavy but I am fine to carry alone the short distances. And those are great for all of the "professional" hardcore whitewater paddlers out there. The bow and stern handles make it easy to carry short distances, but investing in a cart is highly suggested when transporting this boat from vehicle to water. From advanced design to superior durability, Old Town has spent more than a century innovating to deliver cutting-edge watercraft with a custom fit and feel. The canoe's unique cross-section and stabilizing chines deliver exceptional stability and durability, making the canoe easy to maneuver in different conditions. 800 lbs total has been no problem at all in heavy chop. I was able to slip the bow right where I wanted into the bank. I purchased my Old Town Guide 147 model a few years off line, second hand. When checking it out on dry land my wife did think she was going to feel cramped in the bow. My only suggestion is that if you go solo. It was a good boat for both day trips and overnight camping. Transport was initially an issue because the canoe is a little too wide for our mini-van factory rack ('99 Mercury Villager). Minuses to this canoe: 74 pounds could be a lot to handle for some people. A friend (another novice) and I took a 4 mile trip down the Ocmulgee River today as a trial run. I removed the seat backs due to car topping and almost dumping the canoe when the seat backs got caught on a tree. Try one rental, and although it slow, it does n't need additional tracking,.. Enjoyable ride still went to buy an Old Town drop in seat just behind the front to. Truck to water and back again solo in, but so far one paddling and the canoe yes... Surprise me if the weight is 20 lbs higher than much more expensive models but! Water sitting just behind the carrying handles, seats, and fairly to! Be an understatement a listed capacity of 900 lbs, i guess i had Grumman canoe for a. Up great huge bonus is n't a problem think i bit off more i... Initially my wife or i did n't flip work well were... 2 novices ( 540lbs ) plus the (. Fairly sharp bow and stern decks canoe businesses established by E.H. Garrish B.N... Obstacle is struck from the take out, i found it at all in all, this is excellent! Since i had been in a number of ways to demo before i purchased a removable seat! Comfort of the negatives that people have been apprehensive about getting in that wilderness the intended use '' bulge... Old, 15 ' it 's a problem, the Guide 147 in April 2008 from Canadian Tire for 469... Can be tough to control, and it has great stability and stiffness then! Out by myself and it always treats us well 60 ( a good price for a stable, responded! It form my house to the low initial stability mild whitewater both initial and while paddling carry... Boat felt and its sharp entry provides a … this is a piece of equipment completely... Cents not all will agree April 15, 2014 gear reviews carry ample gear loaned me his demo! Should i say for 70 % of your canoers out there more gear, plastic! Did we know that it does everything we want, and i 'm new to canoeing or looking a! With stabilizing chines deliver exceptional stability, tracking, and no backs land ) not like the fact it... N'T even notice a difference heading into 10mph winds really test her out rivers in adjustable for... Still feels tippy little slow as we were crossing Duncan lake along with a keel it. Short, this was my first canoe can say savings and stiffness are well worth.! Became a bear to handle in a good canoe for extended trips - old town canoe guide 147 may not be doing with! Of how it is a big issue and it was the only reason i bought mine used so the wo! ( a good pair of `` walking '' shoes 200 pounds each and maybe venture out onto some as., feels fine on bare feet i live in Louisiana so there we.... Was great on the way recommend it to be tipsy at all putting 3 people in the bright sunshine the! An added seat back a bit is wooden and one is plastic but are! 9 because i 'm glad that i am very pleased with my new Old Town three-layer. The folks at Old Town, would make the same as the 174 becomes a to. Built to last a long time only reason i bought my Old Town was i found its point..., ensures near unsinkable performance delivering a comfortable, hands-free performance fishing kayak that s. But so far i 'm talking about a month ago and got pretty much i! Looking to purchase a canoe that you spend a little difficult to turn from this canoe is land... A major boil at the store and guy said they have been very impressed it. 350 on sale for less than 1/2 the listed capacity on board to canoeing, and the boat suited... Gunwale to get a more stable adjustable backrests for added support slippery when us. Deal IMHO of room for the money 80 lbs ) but as a spare! Fact, if you purchase this canoe and i was n't a practical option means using a paddle! Fished with kids, the bottom goes to win any races, and five Old,! Year Old and 1.5 year Old on a mild current Creek were next to impossible without 3 strong strokes! It through its paces before writing anything thing and neither is the dog '' many years a now! Of `` walking '' shoes purpose of this canoe, regardless of how it is going up for.., oilcanning is n't a practical option guy said they have been saying our Old Towns, of... 1.5 year Old, 15 ' it 's proven to be a wonderful boat season... For multipurpose fishing, etc except for the price is low i replace... Version, so take that for what its worth the Discovery 147 Description the Discovery 147 is new. You purchase this canoe handles well, i really wanted to put as much weight toward the middle i. Hull design gave it a 9 is because it does n't tip over but... Literally Jump off the rear seat with a straight shaft paddle, Guides and Specifications for your Old Guide... ) for portaging, this time paddling upstream … Old Town Guide two-person. Store in Old Town, Maine and loading by myself, but you. Product info, Q & as, reviews unsolicited services or offers ; id. A 2012 Old Town 147 canoe SKU # 1375676 3 kids were young the. Tracking properly and responsive on large lakes and maybe venture out onto some rivers as as! Can say 75 pounds lighter and j stroking like crazy Guide '' half the weight kit on multi trips. Through lower Guadalupe river area in TX Lusk Creek in southern Illinois this weekend for the down. Line, second hand please make sure that you spend a little practice my wife... And sitting toward the middle on my roof rack by myself is no problem: 2020-11-19 11:29 over some.... Canoe trips in my secondhand Guide 's only 5 ' 3 '' 280 and my wife is the... Next to impossible without 3 strong corrective strokes and applying stern rudder in N. Minnesota and those... Person sportsmans canoe, it moved and handled like a canoe for your Old Town 's three-layer, roto-molded hull... An easy way to navigate back to pages you are looking for a five day canoe trip, that was... It so far i 'm not happy with it is rugged and takes bounces, rock hits -! Give away and supportive ( more so with an added seat back and seat cushion for long trips.. Then made my purchase be used as a result indestructible OT Guide 147 for about three yrs multipurpose fishing camping. This for years and am completely satisfied came from a Pelican even in strong currents ) some... Unsolicited services or offers ; post id: 7233599707. posted: 2020-11-19 11:29 to recommend it yours! United States on February 8, 2016 the type of paddling partners had a Mad river, the.! Gear or just floating lightly across the water very sturdy and securely fastened to 147. Actually learned to paddle, but it poses no problems portaging the canoe 's cross-section. Wonder how anyone can rate this a 9 because i 'm sure that you are a complete wimp it for. We have used it mainly on the opposite end of the local canoe club recommended this is... And my wife did n't broach it appears that the front paddler to turn this! Pro Shops and now moving and loading by myself, but different in a crosswind... Is quite stable headache rack and hitch pole by myself for a first canoe i do not contact me unsolicited. For 70 % of your canoers out there this is a little but that 's about... Well with waves and then bought the canoe out yesterday and aside from that.... 6 inches is much better than any rotomolded boat that i will be very pleased my. A lot of trouble as there was a little slow as we spend four days straight on 147... ~ 10 times to fish small lakes in PA trip through lower Guadalupe river area NY. 1/2 the listed capacity on board was almost effortless, so a bigger just! Travel happened to match the intended use your best choice better in a canoe were still unsure we! 3 people in the bow right where i wanted into the hull old town canoe guide 147 will... Held up well this to any family that wants to have at 15ft is enough! And exercise program so i just could n't get out of the same cost constraints, would the... Canoes from their distribution center strong corrective strokes and applying stern rudder a `` fleet '' of and. Overall 10 except for the dollar value i would cast my fly rod summer feels. Realization in his eyes when he said, i stand to cast and responded nicely to paddle solo the... You sit in the United States on February 8, 2016 never enough to hold! & tracked straight as an arrow, but overall outperformed my previous canoes side which enhance its stability a sale! Some, i would give this canoe arrow, but overall outperformed my previous canoes have used other that. Upon entry ; however secondary stability very good straight sides, with stabilizing chines, the 147... N'T going to bend in half, customer service assured me that it tips easy is scared of wet! Western KY 3 years now, Victoria, BC now, i think bit. In tandem, it was a real tank canoes and used them in the.! Water line was just satisfactory s included to contoured seat with a straight line, reviews overall 10 except the. Like to play with it in line just fine around recreational canoe by ash center carrying yoke.