Reflection off of rough surfaces such as clothing, paper, and the asphalt roadway leads to a type of reflection known as diffuse reflection. Specular and Diffuse Reflection The amount of light reflected by an object, and how it is reflected, is highly dependent upon the smoothness or texture of the surface. The beam alters its course once it hits certain types of surfaces. Synonyms for Specular reflection in Free Thesaurus. When surface imperfections are smaller than the wavelength of the incident light (as in the case of a mirror), virtually all of the light is reflected equally. The light bounces off the reflector in all directions. A beam of light that comes to rest on a surface may be reflected in several ways. Without it, we would not have cameras or mirrors. How to use specular in a sentence. A mirror is a specular reflector. See more. The specularly reflective material reflects light from the surface to form a specular reflection. Whether you have hours at your disposal, or just a few minutes, Specular Reflection study sets are an efficient way to maximize your learning time. Specular definition, pertaining to or having the properties of a mirror. It is a vital concept in the field of lighting. Whether the surface is microscopically rough or smooth has a tremendous impact upon the subsequent reflection … Specular reflection, also known as veiling reflection, is light reflection from an object or task that obscures details. Reflection off of smooth surfaces such as mirrors or a calm body of water leads to a type of reflection known as specular reflection. Diffuse Reflection occurs when the beam of light is completely dispersed. 1 synonym for specular: mirrorlike. Flip through key facts, definitions, synonyms, theories, and meanings in Specular Reflection when you’re waiting for an appointment or have a short break between classes. Specular and Diffuse Reflection Reflection occurs on both smooth and uneven surfaces. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Specular reflection occurs on curved surfaces such as a fun house mirror. ly adv. Specular definition is - of, relating to, or having the qualities of a mirror. Specular reflection is very useful. However, diffuse reflection that is central to our ability to see the world. Antonyms for Specular reflection. Specular reflection is the reflection of light in which a single incident ray is reflected into a single exit direction. If multiple incident rays parallel to each other reach a smooth surface, such … What are synonyms for Specular reflection? Specular Reflection changes the direction of a beam of light without otherwise appreciably altering the nature of beam.