Description. Long-nosed Snake Photos Long Nosed Snake Long-nosed Snake Range Published on December 7th 2017 by staff under Snakes. Non-venomous Snakes Found in Arizona The specific name, lecontei, commemorates American entomologist John Lawrence Le Conte (1825-1883).. They tend to poop on the handler’s hand or even excrete blood from their cloaca to say don’t eat me. Northern Copperhead. The King snake labeled as eating a shovel-nosed snake is actually eating an Alligator Lizard. The long-nosed snake is distinguished by a long, slightly upturned snout, which is the origin of its common name. Etymology. Rhinoceros Viper. The longnose snake is found in desertscrub, grassland, chaparral, and tropical habitats below 5400 feet (1650 m). The Long-Nosed Snake is relative to the king snakes. The Glossy Snake (Arizona elegans) grows to a maximum of 1780 mm total length (TL), but most are under 1000 mm. Rough Green Snake. The Arizona State Reptile is the Arizona ridge-nosed rattlesnake (Crotalus willardi willardi). They live on the ground. They rarely or never bite. Reply Delete Rosy Boa. Just thought you might want to know. The King snake labeled as eating a Glossy snake is actually eating the Shovel-nosed Snake. It … These snakes are almost unknown to people. King Cobra. The longnose snake is found throughout the southwestern United States, in northern Baja California, and south to San Luis Potosí and southern Taumalipas in Mexico. Mangrove Snake. Description. Article was last reviewed on 14th June 2019. 2013). Click here to view our article on Desert Wildlife in the Southwest and Snakes of the Southwest.. Snake Trivia. As I stepped from the car I noticed a small snake that was lying quietly on the center line only a few feet from the solfugid. Reticulated Python. The narrower red bands are bordered by black on the New Mexico milk snake and Arizona mountain king snake, while the Arizona coral snake has broad red bands with yellow borders. Red Rat Snake. Immediately recognizable as a long-nose, Rhinocheilus lecontei, the little snake was as obviously different as it was recognizable -- it lacked even a … Long-nosed are totally harmless. Nelson's Milk Snake. In New Mexico, other snakes with similar markings are the New Mexico milk snake, Arizona mountain king snake, and the long-nosed snake. Mexican Milk Snake. This is a moderately-slender species that resembles a Ratsnake or Gophersnake; it is most closely related to the Ratsnake genera Bogertophis and Pseudoelaphe, and the Long-nosed Snake, Rhinocheilus (Pyron et al. Related Species. Habitat . Red-tailed Boa Constrictor. Long-nosed Snake. San Francisco Garter Snake. Rubber Boa.