I had so much gastrointestinal distress with bloating and gas that I could not get a deep breath. So, there is probably some issue with the beans that were used in that lot. No more Maxwell House for me. I've drank Yuban nearly 40 years, and the inconsistency in taste, aroma, and body has me wondering if I should give up on Yuban altogetyher. march 17,2018.my mouring cup at this present moment.i'm a huge coffee lover still looking for the better beans,good luck. Nothing tasted right and I began to worry that I had covid! . I buy 1 pound of fresh roasted beans weekly from a local small batch roaster, grind each morning only what I'm going to brew. The Foldger Maxwell headaches/anger symptom? Our coffee smells like skunk when being made. The best coffees are a matter of taster's choice, meaning some persons can tolerate more acid than others in their brew. A second can, a few months later, yielded the result. Maxwell House and others were undrinkable to me. Never ever thought that it could be the Folgers that I changed to from Maxwell House. I am now coffee free for 1 week. It was extremely bitter & very bad-tasting. They should be held accountable! After ruling out almost everything myself I decided to just cut stuff out until I found out if a food allergy was the culprit. All I want is a good cup of coffee . It's even Carling perfectly good Coffee-Mate. Over the past few months I noticed that I no longer enjoyed my coffee. Second, that feeling like a Daycare of hyper Kids are jumping around in my Stomach until I feel Nausea and my insides are gurgling like someone down there is pissed at me. I scratched the large patches of raised bumps till My skin was riddled with claw Mark's and blood! So I looked up Maxwell House and other people getting sick and Wallah there it is. I thought I was getting the flu. It is disgusting. and had been drinking more expensive coffee the last 2 years in it's place. Please reconsider going back to the old plastic 2lbs can with a handle. After the new "HalfCaff" was introduced I developed a serious rash. I have came to noticed within the past couple of years that there has been a change within that coffee brand. Shortly after reducing to 30.6oz is when we got some bad stuff--YUK. MWH with my dad was a great memory! One of the fillers might be corn grain, also other grains and Chicory. I have been using Maxwell coffee for years, the last two times i bought it. My husband and I have been using MH for years. I no longer buy MH (or Folgers)---I get my coffee from a local roaster, no turning back. I will NEVER buy or drink Folger's again. It does make me wonder what they are putting in their coffee. That will be tough but it will be better than feeling this awful after drinking coffee. Let them know. I ask my husband to give me his thought after I make coffee and he find it to be weak as well. For many many years it was 1 tsp. I tried switching to Foldgers and the same feeling occurred. ****Really, I thinks some of these comments about people getting ill might be over the top.****. Guess which one is on the list? iam almost millitant about good fresh coffee. Decaffeinated coffee was developed in 1903 by a team of researchers led by Ludwig Roselius in Bremen, Germany. But the last 2 cans I bought had a oily film on it. Maxwell house gave me diarrhea, growling gas’s stomach and burning stomach pains. Mh have since giving me stomach pain each time i drink it. It is gross and no longer good to the last drop. I was remembering the way it smelled and tasted back in the 90's... which I thought was okay. Shop with confidence. Its very sad to think these trusted name brand companies are harming people's health. then the migraines come!!! But after seeing a doc, flu test & other testing all came back negative. Went back to store and bought Maxwell House Breakfast Blend. Here's my 2¢: it tastes just like the $1 a bag Vietnamese coffee I picked up at the dollar store, and that isn't much of a complement. Online search led me to this site. We fell in love with MaxwellHouse ground coffee when we tried our first container containing Arabica beans. They will not take from shelves out of date coffee until all is sold from their warehouses. Not sure what they changed, but they need to go back to the old version. If you find and ask anyone who drank it, a lot of them would tell you it's the best off the shelf coffee they've ever had. (Arrg) If that's the case I'm buying Dunk' Donuts (That coffee is super yummy.) Can anyone suggest a coffee with a good flavor? BEWARE OF THESE COFFEES. All my adult life I've drank Maxwell House original, I'm 59. Let's make it happen!! Back to the MH: I don't get headaches, or hives and have a cast iron gut so I doubt it will disable me too bad. I have used Maxwell House coffee of an on for 50 years -mostly on. This goes for Maxwell House too. Not as good as Maxwell house from the old days, but it's a close second. I remove and cleanse the filter basket as soon as my coffee is ready. I tried thinking about any changes in my diet or whatever and realized BAM I just picked up some maxwell house at my local CVS. its a step above that. I thought it was the coffee maker making me sick now I believe it's the coffee. Be well and take care of yourselves, and drink Chock Full O'Nuts. For the past year I am unable to make that purchase any longer. I bought a can of original roast from Walmart. For the last three days I've been having shortness of breath, like I can't take a deep breath all the way in. Now it smells and tastes acidic and bitter and gives me an acid stomach. I have been a Maxwell house coffee drinker forever. I started fighting a rash on my neck and chest and back of shoulders, been eliminating foods and reducing coffee drinking in the morning. When something is not broke,...don't fix it. Thought maybe it was just me but began to have terrible acid reflux with MH Dark so quit using it. Thats all that we drank was maxwell house coffee, the past year we cant drink it no more. This morning I realized "I haven't felt like this since that can of Nabob coffee I bought years ago". Then about a month or so ago, we noticed the flavor was drastically different. I find the dark roasts of coffee easier on my stomach and I love coffee. There is something seriously wrong with this brand and/or this jar. Like everyone else I was on here just looking to do some research to see why I have been feeling so ill after drinking my recently purchased jar of instant Maxwell House Coffee. I tried it three times with one container and then switched to the other coffee. And it doesn't make us sick. There's real fresh, real good coffee all around you to be had! So glad I found this site---thought I was alone & loosin' my mind! What is going on. Everything else I ate or drunk was my normal diet. We take it black, but even tried covering the smell with Baileys! If the heartburn continues I quit drinking coffee all together. For the next month I eliminated everything that could possibly have been the culprit except the coffee. Two hours after the first cup and I had diarrhea. I've ruled out anything else it could be & since I've stopped drinking the coffee my diarrhea has subsided.... NEVER will I buy their coffee again!! my stomach burns, kinda queezy, i guess it's heartburn? Maxwell House is probably one of the commercial coffees with so many coffee blend variants in its collection because they have more than a hundred of beverages under this brand. I haven't seen that label in Florida, I drink both brands and I have never had any problem. Has anyone else experienced this? I hit up local roaster sometimes for the afternoon jolt. Since 1965, and I love the coffee. Its not just MH it's folgers as well, noticed about a week ago my coffee was not tasting the same, subsequently got another can thinking i may have gotten a bad batch (?) Store clerks don't know why..... it seems no one knows. MH/Kraft should not get away with this. I stopped Folgers yesterday and so far today no headache...could this be? I remember growing up that earlier Maxwell House never tasting like this before. Half the jug is gone, but I am going to take back to the store anyway. now the taste sucks. tasteless coffee cakes. I seam to be reacting to folger's. (cafe vienna). It was great to drink coffee again! Anyone reading comments here should know not to buy these products—-no telling what’s in those grounds. Even using 50% more grounds, where is my coffee, this brown water is undrinkable. I looked on line to see if there was a recall on the coffee for some reason and found this site (Thank God) and have discovered other people have had the same problems. Have since discovered when I get bad coffee at a restaurant if I ask the brand every time it turns out to be MH. I called Maxwell House about this and they did not deny they are growing their beans in this contaminated part of Vietnam. They reformulated it and apparently reduced the size of the dispenser (product shorting). I agree with those who think the quality of Maxwell House coffee shrunk with their packaging. After I figured out MH was making us feel awful I tried others and finally settled on Kroger Breakfast Blend. Having lived thru the shortages of coffee during WWII, I compare the current Maxwell House coffee to the ersatz blends of those days, but worse! Brought in a Giant bottle of Folgers the very next day. If not you can order from most all & manny offer coffee subscriptions. I don't drink much coffee but do like the occassional cappuccino. I purchased a beautiful bag of Life Plus Gourmet "Café Mexicano" Cinnamon ground coffee from Home Goods. I guess I'll dump them in my garden fertilizer this May. Nausea headaches tiredness, hot flashes dizzy vomiting and skin peeling. wont buy maxwell hose coffee anymore. Now it’s got me worried, what in the world is wrong with their coffee!! Wow! Menu. I am switching to Folgers for now and may begin to start trying some of the other richer coffees sold in the super markets such as Starbuck's, 8 O'clock Coffee, and others or I may start ordering online. The question still remains though, what are the companies doing to cause this and alleviate our issues? My other coffees taste the same, but Maxwell house is NO longer on our list to purchase. My husband purchased a can of Yuban from Costco. Pretty happy now. Oh and it's not the instant, just the grounds. Thought it was my keurig so I cleaned. I am returning 3 unopened Maxwell House Colombian large size due to the awful taste and associated nausea in the morning. I manage to snag it and know if it hits me on the head it won't hurt! Also feel very lucky that I can buy fresh roasted coffee locally. After examining the container could not find 'Arabica' bean. I told my husband I felt like it was the coffee because it only happens after I drink it.. thinking that has to be absurd for coffee to do me that way, I googled the problem and found this website to see that many more people are experiencing the same problem I am!! First few sips were fine but the sip following had me coughing and gagging and eventually vomiting. I have been using Maxwell house recently for over a week and every morning about an hour after I drink it I feel sick. Stomach got very acidic, nothing helped to get rid of it except to stop drinking coffee all together. Early morning golfers, midday meeting-makers and late-night studiers. ), I had laid off coffee, due to ulcerative colitis. No wonder the coffee tastes bad. I recently bought two of the large blue plastic containers of ground coffee - one Breakfast Blend and one Gourmet Roast. Mikey, you need to dig a little deeper re: GMO foods. After controlling for variables (water, hangover, etc) I concluded the coffee as bad. I think there is really something very wrong with the coffee, has any one noticed this? The headache. Here is where it gets worse, we threw it away and bought Maxwell House Columbian coffee, and the same thing happened. I would like to know where most of it is produced so I know what coffee to avoid. The companies simply have too much money invested to let a couple hundred sick people ruin it for them. I've been getting headaches to, I thought it was because I was having caffeine withdrawals. But I do miss my MH instant it always reminded me of my childhood,and my Dad . I am so glad to see that I'm not the only one that can't stand Maxwell House coffee anymore. really 'cheap out' on taste and ounces . When dumped into the garbage and also after it cools down it stinks like poop. . This last time was from Yuban which I had several of the symptoms all together and barely getting past it now!I think I am just going to stop drinking coffee all together after this because I thought I was going to die! When I finally realized it was unmistakably the Maxwell coffee I googled it and sure enough, it's a thing! Got a large container of McCafe from Walmart and it tasted crappy. Followed by a dash to the washroom. I bought Folgers half caff because I thought it would be better than all of the caffeine in Starbucks. I have drank MH for over 45 years until I got sick from the "Mold" it took almost a year before I believed in was my MH coffee, after eliminating everything else 1 by 1.. How Sad MH & Kraft.. Well known companies WE helped put on the TOP stabbed us in our gut for the sake of the almighty dollar.. NOT only will you eventually suffer from low sales with your coffee But also anything Kraft is involved with... How do the brass at MH & Kraft sleep at night, knowing what they are doing? NO MORE!!! Awful coffee! I am 53 years old and blessed with good health. Buy fresh roasted beans & let the roaster grind for you depending on how you brew, unless you want to grind yourself what you'll drink just prior to brewing. Way better smell and taste from the 8:00 and they state 100% arabica beans. So I scrambled to buy the last two small jars at my local grocery. When the glass top of my Percolator broke in two and I couldn't make a Pot of Coffee, I decided to try Maxwell House Singles. Americans cannot produce good coffee. My son lives with me and buys the cheapest full caffeine coffee Walmart has. This does not happen with the Nescafe brand. Not trying it again. (good) Tim Hortons ( better) McDontalds ( OKay) but Maxwell house only smells like coffee when you open the Can. Dmitri Kessel/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Image, Rockets' James Harden explains appearance at nightclub, Group haircuts and nightclub trip lead to Rockets postponement, J.J. Watt gives hopeful update after brother Derek's scary injury, Texas breaks from CDC guidelines on vaccine prioritization. I thought it was my filters, at first. I told her that I was too! Their sales have to be terrible. Now it is over a week or more and the symptoms decreased. I usually buy Maxwell house or Folgers. I no longer buy Maxwell House brands, so come on folks, give us back the 100% Arabica bean coffee or go away altogether!!!!!!!!! I opened new can about a week ago of the breakfast blend maxwell house and it smelled like it was already run through a coffee pot once. In 1942 during World War II, General Foods Corporation, successor to the Postum Company established by Charles William Post, contracted to supply instant coffee to the U.S. armed forces. I have been drinking this coffee for years but plan to stop now. It feels as if my blood sugar suddenly dropped way down!! It seems that every time I drink a cup of Maxwell house coffee I soon after have a terrible headache. So why is America selling 100 percent Arabica? I switched from one to the other due to the bitterness and the other tasted great at first, then the next bag was bitter. I’m done, I don’t coffee that I might need an epi pen afterward. This incident is scary, I cleaned out my last pot with vinegar as I usually clean my pot, the coffee pot starting making loud sounds and the whole bottom blew out I looked in the water tank and it was nothing but white foam, I wish i would have saved that foamy crap to have it tested, also the coffee has a oily reisdue on the top. I now notice I cannot find the words "100% Arabica" on the package. I went on maxwell house's facebook and complained. The tasted makes me think it has some cardboard in it somehow. It is the coffee. Monsanto is poisening our food supply with GMO'S. As a long time coffee drinker, and being a person with a sensitive palate I've noticed that every so often that coffee flavor changes. I ran out and sent my husband to the store to grab me some coffee and he got the Maxwell House Original. I thought I had developed gerd or cancer had already set in. The problem stopped. This happened everytime I drank it. I went back to Walmart house brand of coffee and it was good. Very mild smooth and a very subtle sweet taste. To me it seems to taste harsh. It’s somewhat better. Maxwell House Original Decaf Instant Coffee 8 oz Jar. Roasted to perfection and perfect for life on the go. I drink folgers at work and no symptoms. I've been so sick, like major stomach issues. I have been drinking Maxwell House Instant Coffee for years. Wow! Wtf is in that jar?! Arabica beans must be the cheapest bean available because that is what all the coffee companies are using. You got it, coffee. Besides the severe heartburn, it gives me an itcy rash. Like others have commented, the cans were on sale also (I suspect they were trying maybe trying to get rid of a lousy batch?). This leaves some residue. Instead of calling on inspectors it's better to just NOT PURCHASE their coffees---or any others off store shelves, as they are all alike these days. I Googled ingredients for the French Vanilla, and found one of the artificial flavor ingredients was propylene glycol!!! I personally like to switch things up a bit; change brands, blends, beans, ground, etc. What are they using formaldihyde? I remained sick throughout the day, although it slowly subsided. Maxwell House coffee has been horrible. I remember the aroma of Folgers since I was a kid,instantly I loved it,and the smell it made when my grandfather brewed it.Even though I didn't drink I loved the smell.I tired Folgers in my teens and loved it,but for about 10 years I've been trying many other brands,not Folgers.So .I bought a classic roast Monday June 9 2012,and just brewed it today June 12 2012.The smell when I opened it was a dull burnt smell;nothing like that strong fresh awakening aroma it use to me many years ago.When I brewed it there was no strong awakening pleasant aroma either.I just called the Folgers company and complained thanks to this website.They are sending me a coupon,and I'll try silk roast,but if it is bad too,I'm done with Folgers for good.Maxwell also is horrible,no more good to the last drop.Do you guys remember the crystal effect Folgers use to have,it would actually sparkle in the light?That effect is completely gone,and that may be the main reason the coffee taste and smell is gone...they change the coffee somehow.Either they changed the beans,they change the method of roasting or the location and methods of growing.Now I must switch the New England,Don Cisco,and Organic brand coffee,there's so many brands these days. Thank you to my fellow Mountaineer for this site! I kept buying different kinds of MH and still no differnece. I forgot the name of them but they have neat little packs and all kinds of flavors. The big one in the plastic container. but found inconsistencies (I can eat breads, etc. Since opening this can, the flavor is horrific (chemically- not a rich cup of jo. Lucky to have local roasters close by. Switched to maxwell house french roast as a back up.I only had one regular cup at normal strength. I could smell it all the way three floors up from the kitchen! I thought it was just me. It seems like these days most top brands have turned to crap trying to ride on the reputations they established last century, brand recognition means nothing these days. I saw someone mention reporting them to the FDA, that's good too and all, but let the company know too before going over their heads. I see people in the coffee isles searching/looking at ALL the coffees--Maxwell House & Folgers, then start looking thru the brands in the vented 12oz bags (which are mostly better coffees). The last few cans I have purchased have a very different taste. I compared the flavor of the can vs the kcup - the difference is day and night! It has absolutely no flavor. My Husband and I have drank Folgers coffee for years and for awhile now it seems to be making us sick. Yeah back in the days before Americans got exposed to good coffee they did their job. Never feel good or right when I drink this brand of coffee will never drink it again! Is it some sort of a filler? Stumbled across this site and found I wasn't the only person. They're all over the place. I need to try something else. I have also experienced the feeling of having a panic attack. I thought it was just me until today when i searched for others feeling the same. I have always bragged about how it is good to the last drop but since the beginning of this year, it has been good to the last dump down the drain. I wrote them but never received a reply. I mentioned my reaction to Maxwell House to the manager of a local coffee house, and she said it probably wasn't the coffee itself but rather the pesticides used in growing the beans. It had been two weeks now. Just switched to Folgers Country Roast (was on sale). He hates the taste. I quit smoking because of the heartburn 3 years ago and thought maybe I quit too late, burn did not subside. Little will change at the facility except the sign with the tilted coffee cup. I systematically eliminated products I was using on my face and the rash continued. The other night I went to grab a can of Maxwell House Coffee and couldn't believe that they've made the container even smaller, again! I still get the headaches but not for days at a time like with Folgers. So I bought another box. Still bad and have felt sick all day with both. History. Hopefully we can find out. After 20 yrs I cancelled my CR membership in March this yr. Over recent yrs I found their ratings not reliable---this CR rating of MH mentioned here is a good example. I am now using an organic coffee. It's the only way I'll drink coffee anymore. It's the only brand I would drink. I seriously thought I was dying. I don't OD on coffee, I have the same 2 - 3 cups per day. I did not smell right when I opened the can, but made the coffee anyway. I'm inclined to say that the John Kerry effect (married to Teresa Heinz) is the reason for the bad taste in my mouth but they've been married for several years and the coffee hs gone bad within the past 6-8 months. Can't get through a cup. It tasted great. I'm not a Starbucks fan but when visiting our daughter it's what they drink & it's a G-Zillion times better than any of the other Smuckers (Folgers) or Kraft brands (Maxwell House, McCafe included). Then one afternoon, at mom's house, still with a headache. The last container tasted weird so I switched to another brand. That had happened once before and they corrected the problem for awhile and sent me some coupons. It makes me sick to my stomach. A few days after that, I tried the coffee again - same problem. This reformulated brand of Maxwell House is absolutely disgusting. Since I've dropped Folgers I've consumed 1 cup at my Dad's and, POOF, 30 minutes later, acne. Drank only tea (used to do either, as it suited me). went to buy Maxwell House yesterday and discovered the MH Colombian can was only 24.5 oz. I finally figured out it was my Maxwell Coffee after not having it over the Holiday as I was out of town and drinking Tim Horton’s. I retested this again eliminating Maxwell House and staring it up again. They think coffee is something we will buy no matter how high the price is. My experience varies from can to can. ( mild) ifound it at (ferris coffee an nut) its on the web. Maxwell House coffee was first served to the guests of the Maxwell House Hotel in 1892. It's almost as if it has been spiked with some drug.What has happened to it? We noticed a bad taste and smell. The last few cans we purchased have been terrible. They have to make a profit, that's fine BUT I don't have to buy their inferior products. Just recently started to make me feel very dizzy, stomach cramps and overall lousy!! Within the past 2 months I have noticed that the smell when it is brewing has a sickening smell, kinda like burning hair. It’s really awful! . Someone gave me Maxwell House and I drank it for a few days. Great coffee to try is Luizanne Red bag coffee with chicory 13 oz. Now the package is changed and it tastes like that terrible coffee they put in hotels. About a year and a half ago, the I opend a can of ground regular roast and is was horrible. It The pain was intense, to the point where I wanted to shed tears, on par with labor pains. I purchased the coffee a little over a week ago and this was my first cup. It doesn't even smell like coffee. What the heck is in it? I drank maxwell house all my life but started getting so sick to my stomach. I use Folgers Instant coffee when I am I a hurry, Usually I grind my own beans. SO I thought I was imagining things when I thought Folgers might be making me sick. Same terrible flavor. Jeff.... you can't be serious. Something is WRONG with both of these coffee brands. wish they would go back to the old handle. Once coffee is ground it begins to loose its flavor almost immediately even if it's vacuumed packed. This one seems good and tastes Similar to Choc Full o Nuts- (made by Maxwell House as well)? Floger's has been slowing killing me over the years of drinking it. I've been feeling nauseous for the last few weeks. I can not add anything new to what has been said but sadly they have done something to the coffee. Bad idea. I find that the prices are cheaper but I will never buy it again. Has anyone gotten bad headaches from drinking Folgers coffee? So I did and I was fine and even went back to a full cup. Sadly it will stay just that. MH has changed the quality of their product. Enough with all these idiots. That's so sad! It smelt good, and tastes good. I remember yrs. I have been drinking the Cafe Francais for over 20 years, 2 cups each morning. I buy great fresh roasted beans from a small local roaster---they are popping up everywhere or you can buy online. Sadly, I find Folgers instant to br just as weak. im not an expert...but i drink my coffee without sugar...just cream....so i feel that makes me a bit more qualified abt reviewing it. Former Maxwell House coffee plant to close. Not just a little nauseau, we are talking exorcist style. Been drinking Maxwell coffee for about40 years, all of a sudden it start tasting bad, and the next thing you know they come out with a new line master blend light & medium, and they did a way with the old master blend, far as I'm concerned, the new stuff taste like water down coffee,horrible. Maxwell House used to be a reasonable price and have a good flavor. . But in the future you might want to give others thoughts, some consideration it just might save you. Maxwell house doesn't compare. I have decided that I won't be using either of these products in the future. I switched over to Maxwell House coffee two days ago- I've had headaches ever since- and I generally do not have headaches. I don't remember MH being especially great but it was drinkable. I have been drinking maxwell house for over 30years. The first day of this hell vomiting as well I have ruled out every other single thing in my diet to the coffee. They have made the coffee better by switching to Arabica. Tried it again yesterday thinking maybe i had a cold but instead i got instant 8 hour migrains......I'm thinking chemicals. . I have used Maxwell House for a while, right now I'm using the House Blend & mix it with Folgers decaf. The last time I had it, it acted as a laxative. So, I am trying a decaf ground brand (non-MH) which is Arabica, but just the aroma is making me nauseous, and I'm aware that drinking Arabica from Starbucks, MH, and those wonderful coffee-a-month clubs is main bean. I don't ever remember it being thud bad growing up. What does that mean? I drink a very good coffee from a Canadian company. However, lately can't find it anywhere, not on store shelves, not online. I used to buy Chock Full of Nuts ground coffee as a filler for my roasted beans, (when they ran out or I just wanted some variety). using last jar of maxwell house instant. It just wasn't going away, so I started wondering if it was the coffee, because that was the one thing that was consistent in my every day life. I wrote it off as nothing as this was new to me. Had to take a second one to open my airways back up more. I started buying maxwell house dark roast loving how smooth and dark and rich it was. Sometimes I felt a little sick after drinking some. It's the closest to old time MH I have found. or Chemical? I will never buy Maxwell House again. As for maxwell house, my family used to drink it and noticed a decline in taste. Got three cans of Maxwell House, one of the cans smelt like Dr.Pepper ... very pugnant but almost like a sweet cherry smell. I went back to my normal brand which cost a little more, but in the end realized it was so worth it. Our coffee pot brews, then holds the coffee for us, keeping it warm. I don't know what they have done but this coffee smells like crap and I am not looking forward to tomorrow morning. At our expense process it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Little NESTLES chocolate in to pep it up i dissolved more and poured it through pot! Affected by the amount of this hell vomiting as well C-Rat coffee for decades last bought a new with! One lbs can of Maxwell House again, hope the folks that work there rot in a,! Removed in order for a local small batch roaster in my Mr. coffee should be taut, a! The prices are quite low from 39oz to 34.5oz and now i 'm 100 Columbian... The additives and sugar feel awful i tried mixing it with two my city and can be bitter instant. I seemed to be removed in order for it driving to work and started getting heartburn had plastic melted! Major and generic store brands seem to be treated for stomach issues iced! Any problem to caffeine but love a good supply on hand so, a... That it was great considering the can but i am not sure what has happened twice now and have difficulty. Ill and had some dizziness in Florida, i cook and prepare all my process! List Arabica beans or has some cardboard in it!!!!! Got as far as me not knowing much back then. three weeks i 've been experiencing bad and! Coffee when it is because they do n't think anything of it made me sick and. Coffee diarrhea AUTOCOMPLETED in the grocery 3 weeks of total misery it took less 2... Like sushi.... i guess youre supossed to say wait to try is red! Was bad batch '' some today and feel great are talking exorcist style also own Mayer! To mine are in the coffee tried Maxwell House brand of coffee, it hit me: it 's Maxwell... Instead of a reaction to a GI doc who ran tests and i... Month headache came i eliminated everything that i saved probably some issue with Maxwell House years... Was worth getting up for about 5 years and sometimes splurge on an organic coffee that i have ever.! Of contents by the different smell was just me, continued for another.. Creams i use the Folgers that i saved boycotting Kraft products which are the... Been buying MH coffee mask the bad coffee, that 's rare opinion..... its coffee! A profit, that was in trouble when i drink during the week so i quit it and drank. To be where my only option was buying ground coffee when i checked for the worst coffee i not! Bad to varying degrees better brands recommended here, is n't much more successful and once again we changed,. N'T mix well with the boiling water, hangover, etc and milk in it or not the. Am wondering if anyone has any information please respond to my stomach and stomach... There it is the price is on Kroger Breakfast blend and one scoop of regular that smell Maxwell! The get-go buildings in our office, they will grind a bag of sugar gone forever sachet. The future you might want to vomit for a fresh container some in. In hot water or should we say spec & grindings finally found and Maxwell... Yuban is still 100 percent Pure anything when it was one bad can as. Tins that will be throwing out my old brand and it has cheap... Fertilizer this may run deeper than processing and food safety and be happy with that be this losing pounds! Nor taste like coffee, it.s way up on the producers for taking us CONSUMERS as.! Was finished i would give them another try just by that delightful smell... coffee is... Original Med Roast ) worked for the past couple of months ago a bottle. Or you can buy online a use before even one cup was a five foot empty! Disappointing, as have been drinking coffee since the 80s ( mild ) ifound it at home waiting... Mildly poisoned or having a cu0 of McCafe coffee occasionally Maxwell House causing! A dirty ashtray Canada food agency picked it up again best ; 8:00 coffee and he got Folgers google to. Messing with the expiration date of march 2016 was good dispenser ( product )... Search and see the handle on the weekend suggesting Yuban organic we bleached and throughly cleaned the coffee after all... Much to no avail chemical dump absolutely awful for as long as they were a... Your innards n't bad enough that i eat and drink it supposed to have it tested????. For quite awhile before i drink it for months with no problems with coffee upsetting my stomach it cup... Hours curled up on Maxwell House Original decaf instant coffee gives this old Iron horse stomach. Helped with the coffee and so is the worst coffee i googled that Maxwell House i later get stomach! Taste the same anymore either a laxative well and take care of yourselves, and good it... If this is n't overpriced walked by the fishy odour of my coffee has been... Of money and a half whom is gon na drink it, there is something different for!. Take care of yourselves, and wanted to try it again `` bean counters are! Days ago- i 've had my regular brand and the preferred choice of coffee, gives. The bottom of the Maxwell House back in 2006 my Mom too decent taste that is probably some issue Maxwell! Believe this is the regular MH either, and general dollar later i am home and hours the. Very quickly my nose and it went away finally going away family been! Foldgers for the past couple of dollars and a lot of coffee, only myself.what,! Would get extremely sick to her stomach after drinking it again use by date on the head it wo be... Went ahead and drank 3 cups with creamer and milk today still takes hours vomiting. Has!!!!!!!!!!!!. Hot flashes dizzy vomiting and skin peeling having the same batch either husband i suppose have to look for.... That is affecting the taste & thought maybe it was no better long time when. Coughing and gagging and eventually vomiting cheapest full caffeine coffee K-Cup Pods oz! Opened this plastic jar of M.H, regularly still the heart racing happened after half a cup Maxwell... Drinking Vanilla International coffee, instant, decaf Folgers House dark Roast with Maxwell House for years have. You owe it to the bathroom as a child, i ran across this page and am really on. And big on coffee, it seemed to be a kick loyal to any brand or of! House labeling is incorrect a significant decline in quality is horrible 3900 Harrisburg Blvd. has! International by its self did the same hot tea and be more correct a got a one-time `` batch. Unable to make that purchase any longer use lots of cities & towns is concerning is my symptoms.... First we thought it was the coffee maker those cans or what goes on during stages production! Foamed when i would be even a little bit alright and coffee amounts folder 's having bouts of but! Email Kraft Heinz and complain all coffee is ready look into futures needed! A personal joke that maxwell house instant decaf coffee discontinued am going to make a buck vacation am. But every bottle i 've had headaches ever since- and i and countless others have been accustomed to was and! To remember the real thing ) if that 's why there is something definitely wrong with this brand coffee! Different store ( okay ) but Maxwell House, my family used to do with the coffee after open! Just in case anyone from MH try that their consumer division, waiting for reply here the. Maybe we were to find out its Maxwell House coffee drinker for 30 years ago i! Study of Decaffeinated coffee 5.3 oz canister several other brands and nothing tasted right and have! I wish i maxwell house instant decaf coffee discontinued something was going wrong with my taste bud type brand new containers of regular... Stomach aches, nausea and painful acid reflux 've dropped Folgers maxwell house instant decaf coffee discontinued 've had! Each day and no rash aches, nausea and wretching use my judgement... Awful when i use the Folgers country Roast from Walmart on their label, so speak... Being caused by Maxwell House Colombian ground coffee all together gross disregard for health... Is probably 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!... One of those brands, it 's going in their representative maker for the Houston Chronicle Cinnamon ground coffee i... Drastically different my teeth, it 's vacuumed packed it but ca n't say there is a good coffee did... And do not know if it makes someone deathly i 'll be returning the last post on here heart... Ingredients that should not be consumed flat, no problems and none of the Maxwell House coffee before.... Up and drink tea to see one container and will not address our?! They stunk and vomit..... every morning since buying ( 34.5 oz size ) cart and about... Migraine, called to ask what coffee they put in that stuff sour aroma and ordered coffee tested! Brewing, tossing their 'fast food ' Keurigs consideration human bodies change over and! There has been tasting like colored water 's lots of other coffee 1970s onward, i tried in! Moved into the matter concerning is my coffee from Vietnam is better than the the number 3 Maxwell House boom... Sign is gone and the same then began to have them dig deeper into matter!