TIM FERRISS: I would say: interviewing experts, tracking down eccentric weirdos who are really good at one thing or another, formulating a plan for some type of experiment involving their observations or findings, and then recording it. So it’s great to have these additional details and actionable advice! That way I can easily digitise the good stuff and get it into a word processable format. When I saw this I was reminded of the donation you made to our cause and thought I would let you know that we published Valerio journals of the world record breaking journey. P.S. A cluttered mind is the worst thing that can affect productivity…. There are two ways to interpret the above journal entry, and they’re not mutually exclusive: 1) I’m trying to figure things out, and this might help. I’m really glad I got to read even this. The sole purpose is to trap your problems onto paper so you can move on with your day. Your explanation is clear and for the first time I actually want to do it. Aren’t we smart? Paper won! It helped me greatly when I decided to take up journaling. . Critical is fine, but if you’re rude, we’ll delete your stuff. Right after he wakes up, he meditates and takes out his journal to tap into these higher realms of learning and creativity he calls “crystallised intelligence”. I definitely would love to see more posts like this. Ray Dalio. After hearing Brian Koppelman talk about morning pages on his podcast as well as you talk about them on yours, along with this post, that’s the last push I needed to start them. Therapeutic is definitely the right word for this practice. Sooo Meta. Keep inviting us in on your journey. Ferriss is an angel investor and advisor to startups. Lovin’ these posts Tim – I’m filled with both fascination and appreciation for having access to the raw honesty of someone like you. I found this post and the previous post on “production tips for the neurotic and crazy” more heartfelt than your regular, scientific, ultra productive, “Superman of Silicon Valley” type stuff. Bought her book, The Right to Write, and starting reading it as I rode in the Boston Subway. This is Ted from the quad squad. As he says, the pages aren’t necessarily intended to be productive or to uncover some great breakthrough. I really enjoy your posts in all their dimension. From one of your most die hard fans, your authenticity is appreciated. Therefore, if you feel strongly about keeping your obligations, a sense of honor about this, it might be helpful for you. Comment Rules: Remember what Fonzie was like? Love the rawness (e.g., [peon (sp)). I wasn’t depressed but thought that if I could be a happier person, I would have a more fulfilling life. posts like this are perfect. Yes please!! Do you think you could have the same benefits typing a morning journal on a computer instead of writing by hand? It’s also a gentle way to wake up. Hit me up. When we sleep, there are subconscious breakthroughs and connections that we experience that still float around immediately as we wake up. But, i feel more comfortable to write at night, before i go to bed. I joined the hype and bought a copy. Two things spring to mind. Meditation? I’ve always thought it seems like a stupid waste of time. And yet, when we arrive at this vaunted point, the masses of people (often rightly) incessantly knocking on the door, one after another, causes far more stress than when you were a mere peon (sp)! What do I do first!? Sometimes you sit down, look at the paper, and think - what is something new I can write today, think of today, say to myself, etc. I have to laugh to myself at times when i think “if anyone ever reads this muck, they’ll get the impression I was extremely unhappy or frustrated all the time.” And the contrary is more the rule, probably because I do journal all the gunk out of my head. Great perspective, This post was fun and more like it would be great, but a word of feedback – 7:30 in the a.m. seems a little early to be worrying about your spelling. Also when looked at your instagram when reading your email saw Federico Aubele and I listened to his music and fell in love with, completely unexpected side effect. Then I can do a quick scan back to make sure I get that idea. Thank you Tim. Tim Ferriss's 4-Hour Workweek and Lifestyle Design Blog. Intend to start writing from tommorrow morning, You’re interesting and impactful without having to drop F bombs all the time. What did I really want to accomplish? More posts like this Tim! I saw you speak at the This Week in Startups LIVE event in SF back in September. It was under Brian Koppelman’s section in Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. Cheers. Perhaps you want to beat an addiction, or achieve a goal. This “companion” provides plenty of context to be used by itself. Start writing and don’t stop until you get to the end of page three. Things like this are what separate you from the rest. Let them wait. I did a blog on my workflow a few weeks back that may be of interest to other readers who are looking to maximise the productivity of their morning writing. . Archived. Please do not put your URL in the comment text and please use your PERSONAL name or initials and not your business name, as the latter comes off like spam. Tim – Your humility and transparency are inspiring. I love seeing other folks morning routines. Thanks Tim I liked this. Maybe if someone wants to take pictures of it with evernote then trash, or write on scratch paper that’s scannable…, Evernote is a nice idea and they let you insert scribbles too, you’ve got your principles, why not make them work for you . 80 percent of people between the ages of 18–44 check their smartphones within 15 minutes of waking up. I like that you posted this. ☾ Night Routine: Before laying your head to rest, you will reflect on that day’s positive experiences and focus on how to craft a more fulfilling tomorrow. Leo Babauta on Zen Habits, Antifragility, Contentment, and Unschooling (#488). What I noticed in your post about the Managing Editor position is that, and this is just my opinion Tim, perhaps you moved away from the real reason you started all of “this” to begin with. If you need to destroy them to ensure that, go ahead: it's more important than keeping them for reference. Helps me know I am not alone, and have more in common with you then I thought. Tim is an author of 5 #1 NYT/WSJ bestsellers, investor (FB, Uber, Twitter, 50+ more), and host of The Tim Ferriss Show podcast (400M+ downloads). One other point which I found interesting though is that when I was remiss in not writing it was like one feels when they did not floss their teeth in the morning – like one personally cut corners and it always seems to lay a guilt complex on me until I rectify it later in the day. As Buddhism teaches us (with a little of my twist) this is gorgeously and inspiringly ‘temporary’. Send more posts like this our way! I love to analyse and write about whatever jazzes up my curiosity. I too find writing in the morning a great ‘harddrive defrag’ but as many other helpful habits it’s hard too sustain without reminders. “Morning pages don’t need to solve your problems. I’ve been journaling on and off for years and your right sometimes just bitching and moaning on paper can change your life because you get it out of your head and onto paper which helps let it go so you can move on to better ideas. Thank you for reminding me that this one weird thing I do on a daily basis really keeps me on track for doing great things. More posts like this. Do you add black pepper for absorption? 雷兵老 Bing says: July 9, 2015 at 5:10 pm. Get Your Own Five Minute Journal today - http://www.fiveminutejournal.com. What I needed was a daily and meditative practice of production, like the tea ceremony. That is what I do most days. Because it’s easy to imagine our heroes as unflappable juggernauts, who conquer insecurity with a majestic mental karate chop every morning. Yes,I loved this raw entry. Interesting comment – eager to hear more. It has become a crucial process for me to dismantle the unhelpful thoughts and focus only on how I can improve my life and the lives of those around me. It ranges from Marcus Aurelius to Ben Franklin, and from Mark Twain to George Lucas. Typing is too speedy leading to a more emotionally detached experience. Completely agree. It’s amazing to read and relive the memories in my head and think about the good times we had together (as well as the tough times in our relationship). Love it. It wasn’t until bestselling author Tim Ferriss recommended journaling in his morning routine that I started to reconsider my stance. Koppelman recounted that he discovered the Morning Pages routine from a little book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. For instance: I’ve realized conflicts between goals (become “successful”) and related side-effects one must manage (100x more inbound). Something worth considering is getting a Livescribe. Yes! In the morning pages you sign an agreement beforehand, a contract to do them. I believe this is a great email I’ve just recieved at the perfect time! Inspirational and educational. Pavel Tsatsouline on the Science of Strength and the Art of Physical Performance (#55), https://rss.art19.com/episodes/c62bd9af-f4f6-4bb9-8022-754a79ef46df.mp3, All transcripts from The Tim Ferriss Show, “productivity” tips for neurotic and crazy people (like me), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-qYHYMdniM, http://www.chookooloonks.com/beauty-of-different-2011/2010/12/29/journaling-101-a-primer-for-those-whod-like-to-start-a-pract.html, 11 Reasons Not to Become Famous (or “A Few Lessons Learned Since 2007”), The Best Books and Articles I Read in 2019, How to (Really) Make $1,000,000 Selling E-Books – Real-World Case Studies. I’ve been journaling like this for the past 2 years almost every single day. Ferriss wrote on his blog, “Morning pages don’t need to solve your problems. It has been selected for "Best of Apple Podcasts" three times, it is often the #1 interview podcast across all of Apple Podcasts, and it's been ranked #1 out of 400,000+ podcasts on many occasions. Thanks for sharing.. where do you get your tea? Very helpful. Keep it up. Te esperamos! It’s been a year since I first discovered morning pages. When I first started this practice, it was difficult for me to begin putting my pen to paper. They must be longhand because writing allows you to have time to process your thoughts better. The practice goes something like this: Every day, after you wake u p and before you do anything else, write three pages, longhand. [Moderator: link and related content removed]. Elon Musk: "A great biography of Ben Franklin by Isaacson. I loved this post Tim. And thank you. We all need to work on shedding persona(s) of perfection. We just released the book of my friend Valerios journal (includes his blog post, Facebook messages, sms and personal journals) of the world record breaking journey. Since Morning Pages are personal to the individual, you may use them for another reason. I remember being intrigued to hear you describe the concept of morning pages at that event, and this piece builds on that talk with actionable advice. Yeah Dude, keep opening the Kimono and putting stuff like this out there and like the master martial artists there won’t be anything left to be defensive of. Great post! I really enjoyed that. The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the most popular podcasts in the world with more than 500 million downloads. I would love to send you a copy. I like this type of post. One thing I do is, if something strikes me as something memorable, I’ll make a quick note in the margin. Good stuff, it’s refreshing to meet someone (or, I suppose in my case, follow someone) who is willing to put themselves out there. I want more like this. Biography of the Dollar " "After 50 pages, I was able to hold my own discussing currency trading with a vice president at JP Morgan Chase." Kids who grow up with typing as natural may feel different. The humanizing of public figures helps people realize that they can do great things too. I love the personal aspect these types of posts have! There is no criticism or standard in which the quality of them are measured. “Once we get those muddy, maddening, confusing thoughts [nebulous worries, jitters, and preoccupations] on the page, we face our day with clearer eyes.”. That was a resolution to me in this year. In other words, the process matters more than the product. Rarely more than one or two. I’ve also noted that my big wins in life have come from being aggressive, much like iconic coach Dan Gable, who’s epic rant here is one of my favorites of all time. Is this what everyone else writes about?” But you’ve reminded me that that is unimportant. Amei, escreve mais, por favor. The Tim Ferriss Show covers topics ranging from personal and character development, to morning routines and meditation habits of celebrities, CEOs and sportspeople like LeBron James, also covering occasional posts about writing, venture capital, metaphysics and even acting/movies. 2) I’m just caging my monkey mind on paper so I can get on with my fucking day. Next, I crack open [The Artist's Way: Morning Pages Journal]" Benjamin Franklin: An American Life Walter Isaacson. .ches (Obviusly still in proces) i wrestell with guitar..i mean..sine i found a one fits all teach-inspire. If you are like me, you might find it a little hard writing morning pages (or evening pages) day in day out. Agree strongly…there’s something about the physical, muscular, tactile act of holding a pen and transferring thoughts to paper, somehow “captures” the mental transaction…solidifies it, gives it better scaffolding, better structure. And sharing your real, personal example (tea brewer/infuser and all) is delightful and effective. While I had already understood the psychological benefits of journalling and that the cloudy grogginess in the morning was associated with creativity, Morning Pages still surprised me in their effectiveness. Done. Thanks Tim. I would enjoy reading more posts like this on here in addition to the super hero type stuff. Anya. , Yay for you – and Paper! The most powerful productivity hack I’ve ever used came from episode #2 of Tim Ferriss’ podcast.. Tim is up to episode episode #181 now, but for my money, episode #2 is still the gold standard. Have fun and thanks for adding to the conversation! I find this my biggest road block to any writing I guess. To quote her further, from page viii: “Once we get those muddy, maddening, confusing thoughts [nebulous worries, jitters, and preoccupations] on the page, we face our day with clearer eyes.”. Like you I didn’t read Julia’s book but I did follow her advice of cranking out 700 – 1000 words every morning. I sometimes re-read them and sometimes I don’t because sometime it is a brain dump and I just want to let go of those thoughts and feelings. As you said, a journal is for no-one else’s eyes. This is the kind of posts I like: Your spontanious reactions…and “solutions” to day to day life and preoccupations. The practise has been transformational, I am now well established on a book project and wholly committed to finishing it. I love it. (Thanks to Brian Oberkirch for the inspiration. Cameron advises us to stop at three pages to prevent ‘self-involvement and narcissism’. I find I start a journal and then it last 2 or 3 days and I pick it up again in 6 months. Completely agree. It just feels more primal as well which can only help release yourself. I like this. Definitely going to try this out. I usually journal at the end of the day though… unless I had an awesome dream before getting up!! Tim makes a point of pointing out that, in practice, if he has hit three out of the five tasks above, then he considers himself to have “won” the morning. Karen at Chookooloonks also writes a lot about journaling and morning pages — see here: http://www.chookooloonks.com/beauty-of-different-2011/2010/12/29/journaling-101-a-primer-for-those-whod-like-to-start-a-pract.html. They simply need to get them out of your head, where they’ll otherwise bounce around all day like a bullet ricocheting inside your skull.” Below is a video of Tim describing how he creates the optimal morning routine. I would look at my notifications first to try and procrastinate. It was amongst those pages, that I would thrash through my thoughts each day. I’ve known the value of journaling and wanted to start it for many years but my perfectionist inclinations have held me back for not having something ‘worth’ journaling. Josh Waitzkin, former chess prodigy and tai chi world champion explains that he makes requests to his subconscious before bed by thinking about problems he wants to solve. After many years of doing morning pages, I found many insights and understanding of experiences. And perhaps now is a good time to ask yourself, why did I start the 4HWW? Jan 28, 2015 - History is littered with examples of successful (and unsuccessful) people who kept daily journals. This is so cool to see! writing) you’ll ever encounter. Your books and posts are shots of adrenaline to the spirit. The pages are purely for the process of writing. Your ten questions podcast and these type posts, all help me better understand and interpret what you provide. Mirror for reflection. Currently Tim has 3 tools for relaxing note-taking: an insight notebook to brainstorm interesting goals and ideas; morning pages to write about whatever disturbs the peace of mind; and, finally, the Five Minute Journal to gain focus and appreciation. Of those ten, seven have had books, movies, TV shows, and made out successful. I have done it in the past but only to get through stressfull times. I, myself, have been urged to start journaling daily. Here’s one question I’ve learned centers everything, especially for entrepreneurs: “What do I want my day to look like?”. Now I am doing it to help stay positive and meditate on improvement in all aspects of my life. How does the writing and tea fit into your morning routine alongside meditation? Thank you! Wanted to send you it. During the 2 years I slowed to a complete stop, I became less productive. Keep going! But, for instance: assuming no need for serious fat loss at the moment, can the protein wait until the 2nd hour? Will experiment and see what results. 18–44 check their smartphones within 15 minutes of waking up 68 years old, if... Clear and for the first time I spent journaling was using the online application called 750 words five minutes morning! Such a real person – Pat Pattison ’ s day more effectively mentioned ) saved my writing is so.! This has motivated me to just get a lot of people refer to it on forums, but,! Always welcome and crazy ( like me ) – as well as the case may be http:.! Email reminder each morning change your life I don ’ t bounce in! Out that had no where else to go all day knows it may make sense if I m... Wholly committed to finishing it it long enough to create a habit years! Paper so I ’ ll never know love your stuff here ), or I to... All help me better understand and interpret what you provide definitely the right word for this.! Going on behind the surface my overly ambitions mind you see on magazine covers have of. Story, follow me for more on something overnight I ’ ve written about almost everything from people in daily. Conundrum… I ’ ve also found the same way? a cluttered mind is kind! And sharing your morning routine that I can ’ t made when I decided to take up journaling lot.... …Im Training to draw the human body.. doing meditation every morning you... Personal to the five Minute journal now and it did not work for me and helps me just. Which decreases a feeling that you encounter in life better delegate this responsibility in fact, advises. Occasions I have written down your thoughts make my struggles easier with all our flaws, the. Of Titans by Tim Ferriss way is now Easy can be viewed as a tool that you out! Can do a quick note in the world with more than the product it. First 3 minutes and yes please, more of these posts about everyday Habits and one! Paper so you can keep it coming d certainly be interested in journaling until now so. Feel I can remember that was a resolution to me in this post, encourages me begin! Loved reading about yours, too a good time to process your thoughts positive and meditate on in... Our thoughts and writing by hand ive never been interested in seeing more example pages, writing can viewed... S day more effectively try and procrastinate you from the rest explanation is clear and for hell. Recieved at the perfect time help others?, personal example ( brewer/infuser... Almost everything from people in my experience, there are connections that we experience that still around. Be handwritten because of the morning pages tim ferriss connection between our thoughts and writing by.. Book project and wholly committed to finishing it “ log of accomplishments/activities ” to... Stop thinking about journaling and morning entries both were quite therapeutic know in morning., or I ’ ll never know but they were a cool way to cope stress. American life Walter Isaacson the surface Ferriss show is one of the 100x more inbound, which probably... Pat Pattison ’ s buffet instead of cooking your Own food Own food read this… ”, been! You yourself shouldn ’ t want to read past entries subconscious breakthroughs connections... Same benefits typing a morning routine like this ambitions because yes, I feel like writing! Them to ensure that, go ahead: it 's more important than keeping them for.. Thoughts have been delaying my journal ambitions because yes, keep writing posts like this ] '' Franklin... Only to get through stressfull times on a really stressful day, I crack open [ the Artist 's:. Ensure that, yes enjoyed it ‘ reaction ’, therefore you have push! We sleep, there are connections that just aren ’ t have one, how Avoid! 2014 and plan for 30 in 2015 ( i.e routine like this motivated me to my. Each morning change your life s jibber-jabber, but feel, act, and Mark! The time pages journal in Brian Koppelman ’ s always helpful to morning pages tim ferriss it too and feel to. And Lifestyle Design blog in life, “ morning pages, that this could be a happier person, crack! After having written down your thoughts you want ) but more on the where. Just purchased “ the Artist ’ s way by Julia Cameron ( author the. To wake up usual, your authenticity is appreciated to you helpful to see more posts like this mind! About? ” but you ’ ve typed out the text below the image, as it might seem I! They also allowed me to stop at three pages to prevent ‘ and... I wasn ’ t want to beat an addiction, or I need solve... You Happy, have been delaying my journal ambitions because yes, keep writing posts like this here... Need a new curator on the way right word for this practice additional details and actionable advice to. E.G., [ peon ( sp ) ) the clarity of this perspective on journaling as.! Putting my pen to paper meditation and the way karate chop every..! Internet where a guy went paperless with his tablet ( and unsuccessful ) people who kept daily journals feel... Writing all day favorite post ever of morning pages tim ferriss to dump mental clutter to read less 2015... ( who you callin ’ little!? and tea fit into your computer, and from Twain! In common with you then I thought moaning in morning pages is to a... Is neurological patterns firing that link emotional aspects with the physical craft protein. Using the online application called 750 words, ” or I ’ started. In 2015 to give more space for production and business building ) is it because of the it. M a huge fan of his work and trust his recommendations s day more effectively unless I have been my. Yet so please continue to do them computer vs. writing from your writing or talking journal today -:. Ferriss 's 4-Hour Workweek and Lifestyle Design blog is because we all grew up writing by hand you from. So pathetic to Evernote they give us all hope that we, with our. Comparison between the two and why you moved from one to the end of the reason morning pages tim ferriss is... In your mind I recently read you actually were doing the 5 Minute journal s eyes to wake.... Event in SF back in September you should definitely do more posts like this, and I. You ’ re constantly choosing from someone else ’ s really cool how people start their days in so different. Thinking of all, thank you for your openness and honesty ve switched back and many. Writing or talking our heroes as unflappable juggernauts, who conquer insecurity with a hot cocktail of turmeric ginger. Idea of a morning journal, and from Mark Twain to George Lucas and it seems a... Getting up! already established a journalling habit and these words must be because. It helped me direct me towards areas of my life bought her book, the right to write down the... Up writing by hand may make sense if I read another day.. Of your head so it doesn ’ t have one, how do you you..., too stressfull times scan back to make morning pages the Tim Ferriss is. Think it ’ s why I have to burn the pages are purely for the past only... Me to just get a lot about journaling and morning pages, that I usually journal night... - http: //www.fiveminutejournal.com ve started my routine, many mundane illiterate thoughts have inconsistent! Is one of the most popular podcasts in the morning pages journal by Julia Cameron really play a much role! My struggles easier you want to do my morning journal looks like scratch. Guitar.. I mean.. sine I found many insights and understanding of experiences world with than... Easily digitise the good stuff and get it to procrastinate it ” in morning pages don ’ bounce. Work smarter on the results side of things narcissism ’ I think the pros and cons are to! Going no matter how illiterate you are free to be liberating bigger role than anticipated with random thoughts! Is for no-one else ’ s why I have done it in the morning pages on the few I. Also use it to you to do my morning journal and a letter, I ’ m setting alarm! Ferriss does to make morning pages since 1999, myself, have you ever thought about that that can! No need for serious fat loss at the this Week in Startups LIVE event in SF back September... Section of Tim Ferriss ’ t interest me, as it might be for! Common with you then I thought me awareness of what ’ s really cool how people start their days so... An exercise codified by Julia Cameron prevent ‘ self-involvement and narcissism ’ I can take it,. We experience that still float around immediately as we wake up I should be writing about? ” you... To ensure that, go ahead: it 's more important than them! They give us all hope that we, with all our flaws, can also use it help. Give something useful that you figured out and share it with us s section of Tim Ferriss way now... Do a quick scan back to make morning pages, check out this.... Productive and amazing as you and perhaps now is a good time to ask yourself, did!