Students will complete their study of basic grammar in the first half of the term and spend the balance of the semester reading selections from Latin authors. United States foreign policy from the American Revolution through the Cold War. I assume most of you have never stepped foot inside the U.S. Department of Education. Intended for the serious performer, this class will prepare students to proceed from character analysis to finished performance makeup. Make yourself invaluable. An extensive examination of contemporary ideas about the nature and function of rhetoric. A study of the epic and lyric genres of Latin poetry. Explores principles, terminology and theories of color perception from Chevreul through Albers. ", Support the Construction of Christ Chapel, "May earth be better and heaven be richer because of the life and labor of Hillsdale College.". Students will learn and rehearse choreographic works of both Hillsdale faculty members and guest artists, culminating in a fully produced performance. This course is an introduction to improvisation and its use as a basis for dance choreography. Students will be challenged with more complex improvisations and will use improvisational material to create solo and group choreography. The purpose is to allow the student to demonstrate his or her ability to analyze a topic in political economy using the knowledge gained from their course work in history, political science and economics. The history program includes courses in a wide variety of subjects, all designed to draw you into the great conversation about the best that has been thought and said in the story of mankind. Reviews (517) 437-3381 Website. The application of psychological principles to the learning process of the school child. And I can report, you haven’t missed much. They aim to provide students with an education that pursues knowledge of the highest things, provides insight into the nature of God and man, forms character, and defends constitutional government. A close reading of major works of the 17th-century Golden Age. This program prepares students for leadership in education and the fitness sector or graduate studies. Greater Detroit Area Art Director at Hillsdale College Higher Education Education Kent State University 2013 — 2016 Master of Library and Information Science (M.L.I.S. Hillsdale College Classical Education Podcast podcast on demand - A 20-minute podcast featuring professors, K-12 teachers, and friends of Hillsdale College, all speaking about classical education—what it is, why it’s still relevant today, and what makes it unique. An examination of Puritan theology and polity in 18th-century America and their formative influence upon subsequent American life and thought. When you come to Hillsdale, you also become part of something bigger. First, no students are ever permitted to major in education. Computer techniques and methods to solve physical problems are taught. Our philosophy program emphasizes the historical development of the discipline, giving you a rich understanding of its interactions across theology and culture. From your very first class, you’ll know your professors believe heart and soul in helping you become a careful reader, an analytical thinker, and an able writer. Students engage in a basic physical wellness program through physical conditioning, strength development, diet monitoring, and/or specific wellness activities. Comparative Politics: 20th Century Founders. The rise of American sectionalism, the conflicting interpretations of the Constitution and state sovereignty, the approach of sectional division, Civil War and Reconstruction. A study of the theoretical and practical differences between highly centralized “command” economies and comparatively decentralized “market” economies. An introduction to the various ideas and techniques of designing in the theatre. Study of the principles and methods involved in classroom instruction at the secondary level. Intermediate ballet sections will be for students who have had previous ballet training. The purpose of the course is to develop an integrated understanding of our American historical, literary, and political experience from the seventeenth century to the twentieth century. & Dede Howard Department of Music @ Hillsdale College official page. Students acquire a comprehensive view of wellness, including an understanding of a healthy mind-body connection. A study of thermodynamics, kinetics, molecular structure and spectroscopy, with an emphasis on biological applications. Specific content varies at the discretion of the faculty. A philosophical examination of the nature of religious belief, experience and activity. The placement of students in local schools specific to their anticipated certification and endorsements. A study of basic principles of management and leadership in global organizations. A comparative study of the curriculum and philosophy of various early childhood education programs. Independent work, under faculty supervision, in an area within sociology not covered by other courses. Course culminates with the development of an integrated marketing communication plan. The Teaching of Reading in the Secondary Content Areas. on the Progressive movement, New Deal, Great Society and contemporary politics. Analysis of the types of reasoning commonly employed in argumentative discourse. This course surveys the modern paradigms in international finance stressing the behavior and the global competitive environment facing the multinational firm. The marketing/management major will help you build an understanding of consumers and markets. Readings, lectures, discussion, live performances, video presentations and creative projects provide the student with the basic concepts and terms necessary to appreciate the theatre as an art, and its development as an expression of Western culture. The building, dedicated in 1988, and its surrounding fields and stadium provide unparalleled facilities for a college of Hillsdale… Methods of Teaching Physical Education II. learned in Pilates II, and then add new skills and advanced matwork exercises.