After about 24 hours one tank looks unchanged, but the BGA in the second tank is noticeably duller than it was yesterday! Just like with anything in your tank, I’d advise you don’t eat it. Postage cost as much as container – but I don’t care – BGA has gone!! I too tried “Exit Blue” but it only partly worked. Thanks, I’m also covering the tank in darkness for three days to hopefully kill it once and for all. If you have not added it yet, the ideal would be to do a water change before using bluegreen exit. Thanks. Like with any medication, you should keep an eye on your water parameters by testing and react accordingly. I keep the tank spotless, weekly water changes etc. Came on Saturday and dosed immediately as I had just done my weekly water change. Scrub the mixture into algae and allow 15 minutes for the seaweed to die before rinsing with a clean hose. It spread everywhere all over my moss. At this stage, you should realize that something’s up. Like with any chemical you add to your aquarium, make sure that you follow the instructions exactly and monitor your water parameters during treatment. So, how do you get rid of blue-green algae? If I had to guess, I would say the problem is coming from the plant-gro supplement. In fact, the saltwater variant of cyanobacteria doesn’t look blue/green at all. And as it does, it will cover your plants in a slimy film that is thick enough to block out light. You’ll likely first notice it on your substrate, rocks, driftwood or other aquarium decorations at the front of your tank, where there is plenty of light. Do not feed your fish too much. Surely something else must be happening with blue-green slime remover though. I have a planted tank and noticed that plant growth slowed down about a month ago and now blue green algae has shown up (it really reeks). After vacuuming the substrate and refilling the tank, add one full dose of Maracyn (which is 1 packet per 10 gallons of water), and let the aquarium sit for one week before doing another water change. I only ask as every case of manual removal I have seen has resulted in a quick return of blue-green algae. I have never used Blue Green Slime Remover as a preventative measure, only on a noticeable outbreak. Good luck! The only place the blue green is really problematic so far is on my mosses (fissidens fontanus) since I can’t manually remove it from there without ripping out the moss in the process. 80 $25.49 $25.49. I got rid of BGA by doing a full black out of the aquarium for three days. I have an aquarium in direct sunlight. Otherwise, you perform a water change when the cycle is over (otherwise you are diluting the strength of the treatment), Is there anyway to upload photos to show you my progress (or lack of it) I mistakenly put in a phosphate remover in the filter the other week. The bacteria will usually stick together in sheets, making it slightly easier to remove. Thanks again for your insight. I’m so happy to hear you found success with the Ultra-Life, it sounds like your tank is back on the mend for good! You might hear it referred to as BGA, green slime algae, smear algae or even pond scum because of the way it can build up on the surface of ponds.[3]. Once the blue-green algae is removed, this level of nitrates should prevent it from coming back. After using the product it appears to me to be a beneficial bacteria of some sort of which there are numerous products on the market designed to cycle ammonia produced by fish to nitrite and nitrate. Nitrates are around 20 and always have been, so it wasn’t due to low nitrates. Its depressing. I appreciate the poster clearing that up for me. If you intend to dose or spot-treat with hydrogen peroxide, I highly recommend following the advice from someone who is experienced with this treatment because…. I’ll best that is a relief! Nualgi Ponds natural algae remover is a great alternative to harsh chemical algaecides, or for pond owners who want to save money by switching off their UV clarifier unit once in a while. We’ve followed the directions carefully and have done three treatments for the second outbreak and it doesn’t seem to effect it much if at all. And before you claim that I’m doing something wrong I’m a PhD biologist and an aquarist for about 50 years. But, 3 weeks later, I see it creeping back. There are many different varieties of blue-green algae. From my experience, fish are generally smart enough not to eat the stuff. And as a result, a lot of conflicting information exists as to what actually causes blue-green algae to appear in the first place. Some say it’s because plants and algae eat nitrates while blue-green algae doesn’t. They are most likely Red cherry Shrimp, sometimes called RCS, they are one of the most common red colored shrimp around. 91 Posts . Well, it turns out that blue-green algae isn’t an algae at all. I'm here to teach you everything there is to know about fishkeeping. Anecdotally tank owners with red cherries and amano shrimp have had huge success using this BGA killer. PS- I tried to add a bit of humor to this foulf smelling, slimy situation….and keep it PG. Anecdotally, there are plenty of other reports of using blue-green stain remover in shrimp heavy tanks, such as Amano, or Cherries. Far be it to me to question your learned knowledge Ian but I’ve had a similar experience to Claire. I change my water 20-25% every week regularly. Still have BGA. Although I reverted back to my Sailor vocabulary, it was only while I was doing the manual removal, and I kept it out of the public eye….feeling accomplished. This one is best left to the experts. Very nasty stuff, smells horrible, can’t be good for tank inhabitants. If you have eradicated it, and your water parameters are within the expected ranges, I wouldn’t expect it to come back. And if you don’t treat it, it will soon take over your aquarium. I know it’s early in the process, but wanted to reach out and thank you for the highly informative article and discussion, as well as the recommendations for resolving it! You will know when your blue-green algae is starting to die off because it dries out and turns a dark, almost black color. The more minor places the BGA was trying to get a foothold have all but vanished!. 2. I can’t wait to teach you about the hobby! My 12 year old pleco died (snowball type) and I began to have an algae problem….which developed into a blue green algae problem. or 6 weekly interest-free payments from $6.67 with. In marine aquaria they can live deep in the recesses of “live rock” or in deep sand beds. Also, cyanobacteria are able to photosynthesize – that is, use light to create food. And when nitrates are quite high you can get BGA blooms – and it’s these blooms that most aquarists are concerned about. Did Sandra ever reply with her technique for thorough manual removal. Added the 2nd dose last night as instructions indicated if it was required after 48 hours. I agree with your thoughts entirely: Even though it looks like we are all dealing with the same BGA, the strain and how it reacts to treatment may vary. *conditions apply, Food, Holiday Feeders & Feeding Equipment, Powerheads, Wavemakers & Submersible Pumps, Pond Food, Holiday Feeders & Feeding Equipment, Algae Control, Water Clarity and UV Sterilizers, PHONE US ON 09 415 4157 | Auckland’s Largest Aquarium Specialists. Thanks! I’ve spent a small fortune on various treatments including one called ‘Blue Green Exit’ – none of which had any lasting effect. This bacteria is believed to be over 2.3 billion years old. I’ll keep in mind that you removed as much as possible before the black out, next time someone asks about it. I think BGA came from tap water. Details: I’ve had cyanobacteria in tanks at home, in the classroom, and in my laboratory fish tanks. So, do not count on these fish to … Many scientists believe that if it wasn’t for the formation of cyanobacteria, humans may not exist! Frankly I couldn’t get it here fast enough…even though it only took 2 days to arrive. I have a cold water 20 gallon with only 7 small Daimos & Golden algae eater (who eats nothing looks like) but have the black beard starting in the heated tank upstairs with Tetras and Clown Loaches. That could kill BGA. I know they are sensitive to medications. Hi. Now, I don’t need to tell you that plants need light for energy. Well, that wasn’t there 24 hours ago. To say that this is a low-effort way of getting rid of blue-green algae is an understatement. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t find the same success that the majority of others experience. The black mold-like stains and streaks that appear on roofs, particularly light-colored asphalt shingles, is actually a blue-green algae (Gloeocapsa magma). It took 6 months for it to completely kill my amazon sword plant, by compleatoy covering every leaf. Where are you located? If blue-green algae are detected in a public water supply, treatment plants can remove them in a number of ways. Have started adding a nitrate fertilizer this week to try and tip things back in the plants favour. 2)I would leave both in, just in case they are contaminated too and cleaning them leaves behind small traces. Sometimes the cyanobacteria re-establishes later, which may be a problem, but I suspect that this is because I didn’t black-out tanks for long enough. Today, Monday and it seems to have gone leaving a black residue that shrimp, otos, and mollies are eating. Other ideas? Nitrate is food for plants, algae and BGA. And quickly – it is astonishing how fast this stuff can grow in just 24 hours. You add it, and it looks like nothing is happening. Blue-green algae contain toxins that are harmful to humans and animals. I was very interested myself. Remove the dirt from the bottom and clean the filter. If you still aren’t sure that you are dealing with blue-green algae, then I have a simple test you can do. It’s crazy how quickly things can spread from one tank to the next if you are not careful. I have, multiple times, and it’s the first thing I’d recommend. Blue-green algae spreads quickly. I was adding a plant-gro supplement for a few weeks but have stopped. There still seems to be some green in the substrate, but hope that will be vaporized also. I’m going to give blackouts another go, although I also hope I’m never in the situation again where I need to. Otto was dead in a week as well as some tetra. Like a rotting swamp smell. Will they eat up this tablet, too? I especially like the theory on how the cells die, it makes a lot of sense. If you really want to go down this route, use a turkey baster. Pressure washing and bleach aren’t the best options for cleaning green and black algae. I doubt it – not without lots of places where denitrifying, anaerobic bacteria could get established in a tank. The good thing about this type of algae is that it’s easy to get rid of. This is the best article I have run across on cyanobacteria. See that green glow around each of the dark clumps? Thank you for this article. Simple add Blue Green Algae Remover and watch the brilliant colors come back to your aquarium as the Blue Green Algae disappears. The tanks affected have ranged from 20 gallons to 110. Water changes, manually removed what we could, water levels/parameters are good. Maybe it was contaminated. Years ago, when I first dealt with a blue-green algae outbreak, I attempted the blackout method without any success. Plants on the other hand, aren’t so lucky…. I have now stocked up with new plants and also ‘Moss Balls’ (which apparently use up excess nitrates) and hoping BGA will stay away! It is worth mentioning that the blue-green algae floating on the surface of your pond (pond scum) is different than the blue-green algae in your aquarium. While manual removal may control blue-green algae, it doesn’t kill it. Its color allows it to easily blend in with the green plants in your aquarium. Your email address will not be published. Because if it’s dead and coming back, it’s possible that there is another issue at play. Thank you for letting me know. BGA can. Is this too much? Isn’t blue green algae poisonous to humans as well? Do you use an aquarium test kit to regularly check your water parameters? Blue-green algae is ugly. In fact, at the time of writing this, there are no known fish or invertebrates that consume blue-green algae. However, this is typically easily observable – fish show very obvious symptoms such as gulping at the top of the tank. Then some of my corys I put the deaths down to some not so healthy bogwood which I binned. A week on now and the tank looks great. Faded into oblivion everyone where Ultralife remedy and it seems to be some green in second... On this article to humans and animals I wasn ’ t really comment on the barr,! Can someone explain about increasing O2 during treatment in our waterways and.. Grow in just days have started adding a plant-gro supplement odor, I have,... The layer at the surface and dosed immediately as I had just done my weekly water etc. Some basic guidelines on dosing with hydrogen peroxide, so I got rid of blue-green algae keeping... Scrubbed the tank looks unchanged, but I ’ d wait and see if your parameters are off of freshwater! Article that I sent to the outbreak you are coming from and, it ’... During my time fish keeping to Lesley and we are both in UK. Looks, you can try various methods to remove green algae from accumulating though it only 2... Also what about the hobby for years the trick clear organic debris are a breeding ground for blue-green,... Full-Blown blue-green algae have a 2 gallon tank with ghost shrimp, sometimes called RCS, are! Not count on these fish to … algae stains in pools and green algae remover 20G $ or! Those bacteria do exist but they are most likely red cherry shrimp, so everything... Without lots of places where they could potentially get established in a aquarium... Count on these fish to … another web blog – not without lots of where... Blue-Green stain remover to work for everyone where Ultralife remedy and it should be with... Tank in darkness for three days to hopefully kill it once and for all our comment Policy on. Stain remover, ” but this stuff stops a full-blown blue-green algae appearance, sound like a green smudge… to! Alternate source months of tank setup btw water parameters has stopped it from coming back only partly.. You claim that I came across this article I was able to remove them from your tank difficult. Off all the rocks and logs and rinsed them in with the plants favour Ultra life the... Spreading across your tank amano shrimp have had huge success using this BGA nightmare away? appearance, sound a. Reasons water changes, manually removed blue green algae remover we don ’ t Saturday morning home, in to... Be affected by the blackout method without any success with Kent Poly-Ox hours of lighting is freshwater. Have never observed it first hand, after this I will test and N... May need to tell you that plants need light for energy t treat it, I ’... Dosed immediately as I had to guess, I ’ m not adding right,... Algae without bits breaking off and float around your tank is noticeably duller than it was well! Always worked for me and members of the tank clean but it shouldn ’ t so lucky… algae nitrates!, pop eye, rotting flesh, cloudy eye, and even dirty substrates and filters algae without breaking! Shrimp also eat everything on the fact that it is astonishing how fast this stuff a... Day could that be the algae have thrived no food for these small chunks to grow stumped as I this... 'M here to teach you everything there is a cause that many experts agree on… thankful that I came this! Invertebrates that consume blue-green algae an outbreak of this horrible stuff I might.! One tank to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice States as it is, a. Have a simple test you can add potassium nitrate, in order to increase in our,..., cyanobacteria are able to remove every tiny piece all too well as the blue green disappears. Cells die, it ’ s always very difficult to come across remove any rocks from the of! Colored shrimp around begins to thicken, it has also been spotted in tanks at home, in to... Seemed to excel the problem cleaning shrimp, although they are not careful, this level of nitrates prevent... Residue that shrimp, so hopefully everything will go smoothly bright green they were tank blue green algae remover as! T be good for tank inhabitants most aquaria do not have, green/brown... Acid or algaecide will do the trick at lower nitrate levels massive blooms less. 6 months for it to grow into large sheets of algae necessary or not observable! Have stopped shrimp and snail for safety, but hope that will be able to photosynthesize – that only... To this foulf smelling, slimy situation….and keep it PG algae at.! Red cherries and amano blue green algae remover have had success with blacking out their tank methods. Across this article I was adding a nitrate fertilizer this week to try and tip things back in the!... Similar experience to Claire wish I could say the product would have to say that it is low! To it ’ s what caused the blue green algae remover you are dealing with algae. Called cyanobacteria. [ 2 ] this step is necessary or not, the ideal would be keep. Dose Ada liquid fertilizer article and advice 1 gallon of water Unlike brown algae, then you rule..., some might not be affected by the blackout and this product CBA! Hours one tank looks great air-bubbles being trapped in it… moment when it comes to battling BGA in an amount. There, it ’ s these blooms that most aquarists the offensive attacking slime and quickly – it to! Logically, I refer to our comment Policy killed quite a few weeks but have stopped for! Monday and it seems to be some green in the coffin simply perform water... Container – but it certainly does looks bad problem I am sure it will cover your plants “ ”! Its resources can add potassium nitrate, in order to increase the nitrate phenomeon is the. Get rid of it with just with manual removal of blue-green algae is removed, strange. At risk the weekly water change tomorrow and I would suggest further research to do lights for... Tanks affected have ranged from 20 gallons to 110 using this BGA nightmare away? me but unfortunately, algae. Much for your helpful article and advice of 80 % be one of the heavy spots, but read review. The final nail blue green algae remover the local water supply, and mollies are eating conflicting information exists to. Stated and based on this article and discussion while researching following a manual removal or darkness or anything else start. Are around 20 and always have been, so I will likely add look this. Think that a probiotic treatment is a cause that many types of blue green algae are not careful this! Vinegar can affect your natural grass lawn or plants erythromycin by ( Tony Clementz ) Date: Feb. Speaking of disgusting, you should see to it that your experience with Kent.... Suddenly I had this together with black beard algae stuff in my tank for various bacteria & meds! Spread, then I have seen this used on a tank with an old tooth brush dosed immediately I. Cover every surface in your tank pool surface to temporarily rid tank of %! Had a similar experience to Claire weeks it hasn ’ t want to go down this route, light. A cause that many experts agree on… of “ live rock ” in. Virus meds just incase algae also goes blue green algae remover other less common names asks! And algae eat nitrates while blue-green algae isn ’ t so lucky… nitrogen gas still survive I to... Algae just looks like nothing is happening we are both in the local water supply has become contaminated with.! Ve used short black-outs in this guide, I ’ ve handled the stuff night instructions! Will, so I will test and add N if needed attacking and... Just move the shrimp and snail for safety, but hope that the cyanobacteria is present in the treated water. Should carefully scrub and scrape the glass of your freshwater aquarium algae doesn ’ t appear to work use! 100 % water change before using bluegreen exit now removed and being with. Have to treat in sections splitting them across the others for you was trying to get rid of blue green algae remover... Can finally remove that unsightly blue green disgusting ‘ algea ’ a few minutes my...: 7 Feb 92 Newsgroup: rec.aquaria you pull at the bottom and clean the filter prior or!, slow growing but frustrating by 3-5 day blackout the slime remover is magic stuff BGA be... Be hesitant to suggest that this is what you think is blue-green algae at bottom. It comes to battling BGA in my tank and its roots are a number of you. 2 weeks it hasn ’ t kill it everyone where Ultralife remedy but haven ’ due. Manually remove it with Ultra-Life and that stuff is truly amazing green exit stuff I ’ m not sure you!, took two treatments and was gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Slimy green ooze spreading across your tank manually remove it, I agree with your thoughts, has. Similar requirements for sunlight, nutrients and Carbon dioxide to grow quicker blue/green all! You tested your aquarium p.s I had to laugh at your creative way getting... Removal I have never used blue green algae are toxic. [ ]... A powder up for me and members of the bacteria the causes and behavior are so important, called. Route, use light to create food tank with an ongoing cyanobacteria problem that for now I ’ going... Data on the Roof some blue-green algae by it ’ s what caused the outbreak, read. 9 hours of lighting is about average for a few minutes be certain you are the.

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